These Celebrities Combined Net Worth Makes Them The Wealthiest In The World

Being a celebrity is probably one of the most lucrative professions that you can ever have. Just by doing a single project, you can already earn hundreds of thousands of dollars— if not millions! What if you’ll have a number of projects in a year, coupled with endorsements, businesses, investments, and other gigs? How much will your worth be? That may be enough for you to be one of the wealthiest people on the planet.

It’s no wonder some of the biggest celebrities of today have several assets to their names!  It’s also worth mentioning that some of these celebrities are even married to another star who is just as affluent as them, and together, they are taking the world by storm.

As they say, like attracts like, and several celebrity couples perfectly fit this idiom. There are Jay Z and Beyonce; David and Victoria Beckham; Kanye West and Kim Kardashian— and we’re just getting started!

If you want to know more, check out this list of celebrities that combined their net worth and turned out to be some of the wealthiest in the world.

Aaron Paul & Lauren Parsekian

Aaron Paul Net Worth: $20 Million

Lauren Parsekian Net Worth: $8 Million

After appearing in music videos and guest roles on TV shows, Aaron Paul has since become one of the entertainment industry’s most recognizable figures. With that said, a portion of that credit undoubtedly goes to his role as Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad. Besides worldwide acclaim, Aaron also won several awards thanks to his performance, including a Primetime Emmy Award, a Satellite Award, and a Critics’ Choice Television Award.

Outside his career under the Hollywood spotlight, Aaron developed natural chemistry with Lauren Parsekian, whom he met during 2009’s Coachella music festival. Although she’s also worked as a filmmaker and actress, Lauren is mostly known for founding the Kind Campaign, an anti-bullying non-profit organization. The couple got married in 2013, and among the guests included the actor’s good friend and Breaking Bad co-star Bryan Cranston, who served as a groomsman. Five years after, in 2018, the two finally became happy parents after welcoming their daughter, Story Annabelle.

Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo

Adam Levine Net Worth: $120 Million

Behati Prinsloo Net Worth: $13 Million

With music being an integral part of his childhood, it’s no wonder that Adam Levine has since become a famous and talented figure. Through his band Maroon 5, Adam has released many notable tracks such as She Will Be Loved, Payphone, Girls Like You, and Maps. On top of the many investments he has made in the entertainment industry, however, it’s safe to say that Adam’s most outstanding achievement isn’t career-related.

In 2011, Adam and his bandmates had the chance to perform at that year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, where he then met Behati Prinsloo, who was one of the event’s models. Although they only started dating a year after, in 2012, the two eventually announced their engagement in 2013 and made things official with their wedding in 2014. Despite their busy schedules, with Adam performing on tours and Behati gracing the walkways, the couple still manages to be great parents for their two kids.

Adam Sandler & Jackie Sandler

Adam Sandler Net Worth: $420 Million

Jackie Sandler Net Worth: $50 Million

Nowadays, Adam Sandler is mostly known for his comedic work for projects such as Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Click, and Pixels. Even so, the actor has also showcased a remarkable degree of talent for dramatic performances, apparent with his role in titles such as Punch-Drunk Love, Funny People, and Uncut Gems.

A severe case of being at the right place at the right time, Adam actually met his now-wife Jackie Sandler during the filming of 1999’s Big Daddy, where he just so happened to be the movie’s leading star. By the time it premiered in theaters, the two were already dating. Since then, to support her dream of becoming an actress, Adam made it a point to give Jackie cameo roles in his movies. In fact, now that they’re a family, the couple also let their two kids have a moment in a few of Adam’s movies! Nothing better than having your greatest joys with you 24/7, right?

Alex Trebek & Jean Currivan Trebek

Alex Trebek Net Worth: $75 Million

Jean Currivan Trebek Net Worth: $5 Million

To host a program is no easy task, but Alex Trebek does it so flawlessly. Alex began his career before he even finished his college studies; safe to say, his first stints in the business helped him with student loans. He has since had the chance to work as a broadcaster for several TV and radio programs but eventually gained widespread recognition for hosting the game show Jeopardy, a title he kept for 37 seasons!

Like many of us, Alex is no stranger to parties, especially when he has some celebrating to do. In 1988, however, Alex got more than just a good time. At one gathering he attended that year, the game show host met Jean Currivan Trebek, and the two immediately began their relationship. By 1990, they made it official and got married. Since then, besides working as a real estate manager, Jean has also become a loving parent for her and Alex’s three kids.

Alicia Keys & Swizz Beatz

Alicia Keys Net Worth: $150 Million

Swizz Beatz Net Worth: $150 Million

From the moment she began her career in the music industry, Alicia Keys was already a highly-acclaimed and beloved artist. Her debut album, Songs in A Minor, was an instant success and even won her five Grammy Awards! Since then, she followed it up with hit records such as No One, Empire State of Mind, Girl on Fire, and Another Way to Die, which was used in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace.

In the music-making business, singers often have a producer to help them. Well, for Alicia, who better than her husband, Swizz Beatz. Although he has already made more than a few of his own records, Beatz is most recognized as a music producer who has taken credit for creating tracks with Kanye West, Beyoncé, and of course, Alicia herself. Ever since their marriage in 2010, the couple now also share their lives with their two kids.

Amy Adams & Darren Le Gallo

Amy Adams Net Worth: $60 Million

Darren Le Gallo Net Worth: $10 Million

With her passion for singing, acting, and overall performing, Amy Adams has since made quite a name for herself under the Hollywood spotlight. Debuting her film career with the 1999 feature, Drop Dead Gorgeous, the actress eventually received widespread recognition for her work in Enchanted, The Fighter, Arrival, and her role as Lois Lane in the DC Extended Universe of movies.

Before her booming career, however, Amy took acting classes, where she then met her now-husband Darren Le Gallo. A talented actor like Amy, Darren has had the chance to work in projects such as Six Feet Under, Date Night, Trouble with the Curve, and Lullaby. Besides appearing on-camera, however, Darren is also quite an artist and musician. In fact, he even finished his university studies with a degree in painting. Since then, Darren showcases his artworks on his social media accounts, where he also takes time to share wholesome photos of him, Amy, and their daughter.

Angela Bassett & Courtney B. Vance

Angela Bassett Net Worth: $25 Million

Courtney B. Vance Net Worth: $25 Million

During her days at school, Angela Bassett already displayed a strong sense of discipline and determination. In fact, she only got a C once throughout her high-school years! With that said, the actress has maintained that mindset for her career under the spotlight. Today, Angela is often noted for her work in films such as What’s Love Got to Do With It, Olympus Has Fallen, Contact, and her role as Queen Ramonda in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

During her time studying for her masters at Yale School of Drama, Angela met Courtney B. Vance, her at-the-time classmate and now-husband. Like the actress, Vance pursued an acting career. Among his many works, Vance is most recognized for his performance as the Assistant District Attorney Ron Carver on the TV show Law & Order: Criminal Intent. With more than two decades in their relationship, the couple now happily devotes their love and attention to their kids, twins Slater Josiah and Bronwyn Golden.

Anne Hathaway & Adam Shulman

Anne Hathaway Net Worth: $60 Million

Adam Shulman Net Worth: $1 Million

At this point, almost everyone can recognize Anne Hathaway. After all, she surely made a mark in many of our childhoods with her leading performance in Disney’s The Princess Diaries. With her career rising to even greater heights, Anne has since gained even more recognition for her roles in Interstellar, The Dark Knight Rises, Les Misérables, and Ocean’s 8.

With her celebrity status, it comes as no surprise that Anne has also attended more than a few red-carpet events along the way, including one special Palm Springs Film Festival. During the event, the actress met Adam Shulman and experienced a rare case of love at first sight. Like Anne, Adam has also landed a few on-screen roles but also spends his investment money on his jewelry business. Since their private wedding ceremony back in 2012, the happy couple now shares their lives with their two adorable sons.

Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis

Ashton Kutcher Net Worth: $200 Million

Mila Kunis Net Worth: $75 Million

Besides movies, more than a few TV shows have provided us with our daily dose of entertainment. One such title that surely left a mark on the industry is That ’70s Show, starring Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, among other cast members. Since their stint on the show, the two have ventured to other projects. For Ashton, he continued his career with roles in movies such as Coming Soon, Dude, Where’s My Car, Just Married, and Guess Who.

Meanwhile, Mila has received widespread recognition for her acting credits in Black Swan, The Book of Eli, Ted, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. After years of focusing on their respective careers, the two finally started their relationship in 2012 and got married three years after in 2015. Since then, the couple has become one happy family, with the two being loving parents to their two kids.

Beyoncé & Jay Z

Beyoncé Net Worth: $500 Million

Jay Z Net Worth: $1 Billion

The entertainment industry has introduced us to many celebrity power couples through the years. One such duo that has since received a skyrocketing degree of popularity is none other than music’s Beyoncé and Jay Z. Although they keep most of their personal lives away from the spotlight, the two still manage to share tidbits of their relationship through their records. One such album is 2018’s Everything Is Love, which the duo performed as The Carters.

Their eldest daughter Blue Ivy is already making quite a name for herself under the spotlight. Besides being one of the most famous babies upon birth, Ivy has also become the youngest winner of a BET Award thanks to Brown Skin Girl, a song she did with her mother for the album, The Lion King: The Gift. By the looks of it, perhaps Ivy might make her way into her parents’ group, The Carters, soon.

Bill Cosby & Camille Olivia Cosby

Bill Cosby Net Worth: $400 Million

Camille Olivia Cosby Net Worth: $20 Million

Despite being an athletic student during his days at school, Bill Cosby often enjoyed his time as a performer, entertaining people and making them laugh. With that said, it comes as no surprise that he eventually pushed through with his talent and became a comedian. Soon after, Cosby made his way into the acting business and has since become well-known for his performance in The Bill Cosby Show. Other projects he’s worked on along the way include I Spy, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, and Kids Say the Darndest Things.

Although Cosby has garnered widespread attention through the years, his wife, Camille Olivia Cosby, prefers otherwise. A TV producer and philanthropist, Camille is often known for being her husband’s manager. Outside of work, however, the Cosby duo has a common passion for all things art. In fact, the two have since spent their investment money on more than 300 artworks, a collection they have expanded upon since 1967.

Billy Dee Williams & Teruko Nakagami

Billy Dee Williams Net Worth: $9 Million

Teruko Nakagami Net Worth: Undisclosed

Although he initially hoped to become a painter, Billy Dee Williams eventually shifted his sights to an acting career. During his earlier years in the business, most of the roles he landed were often as extras or minor parts. Even so, that didn’t stop Billy for a second. Thankfully, his hard work paid off in the end. Since then, Billy is remembered fondly for several of his on-screen performances, most especially for his acting credit as Lando Calrissian in the Star Wars movies.

Since 1972, Billy happily shares his life with his wife, Teruko Nakagami. The couple has a daughter Hanako, who now has a family of her own. With that said, it comes as no surprise that Hanako’s two kids also take the time to visit their grandparents, who are more than happy to entertain them. In fact, Billy and Teruko even have an impressive Lego collection for them to play with!

Bruce Springsteen & Patti Scialfa

Bruce Springsteen Net Worth: $500 Million

Patti Scialfa Net Worth: $50 Million

With over 150 million records sold worldwide, it’s no wonder Bruce Springsteen has become one of the music industry’s best-selling artists. With that said, he’s also won several awards along the way, including an Oscar, two Golden Globes, a Tony, and 20 Grammys. Despite these impressive feats, though, it’s safe to say that Bruce’s greatest victory is rooted in love – one that is topped with a pinch of fate, too.

The singer first met his now-wife, Patti Scialfa, when she auditioned to be a backup singer for his band. Well, the decision surely paid off. Through the years, the two performed quite a show on the concert stages – so much so that it felt like their energy supplied the concert grounds with electricity! Soon after, the two got married in 1991. Today, the couple are proud parents of three kids, Evan, a singer-songwriter like them, Jessica, a talented equestrian, and Sam, a firefighter.

Bruce Willis & Emma Frances Heming Willis

Bruce Willis Net Worth: $250 Million

Emma Frances Heming Willis Net Worth: $5 Million

Although he began his career starring in light-hearted works such as the comedy-drama series Moonlighting, Bruce Willis eventually garnered widespread recognition as a blockbuster action hero, beginning with his role as John McClane in the Die Hard movies. Outside the entertainment industry, Bruce also spent some of his investment money on Planet Hollywood, a themed restaurant he co-founded alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.

His wife, Emma Frances Heming Willis, is a model who has appeared on fashion shows for Herve Ledger, Christian Dior, Chanel, and Victoria’s Secret. Since their very first date, the two already felt they shared a strong bond and eventually got married in 2009. As if making their relationship official once wasn’t enough, the couple decided to renew their vows in 2019! With that said, they are now also one happy family with their two kids, whom they are more than happy to raise and look after.

Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden

Cameron Diaz Net Worth: $140 Million

Benji Madden Net Worth: $20 Million

After her earlier stints as a model for brands such as Calvin Klein and Levi’s, Cameron Diaz eventually transitioned to the acting business with her debut in 1994’s The Mask. Since then, she continued her career with roles in There’s Something About Mary, Being John Malkovich, Vanilla Sky, the two Charlie’s Angels movies, and worked on 2014’s Annie before announcing her retirement. On the bright side, she continues to make a living through her business investments, with the most recent being the wine brand Avaline.

Since 2015, Cameron has been happily married to Benji Madden, a musician well-known for playing in the band Good Charlotte. In early 2020, the couple was blessed with a daughter, Raddixs, and they couldn’t be happier, especially Cameron. Although she doesn’t post much about her baby on social media, Cameron isn’t all shy to show her love for Raddix, saying that becoming a mother is the best thing that has ever happened to her.

Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher

Carrie Underwood Net Worth:  $200 million

Mike Fisher Net Worth: $30 million

Carrie Underwood rose to fame when she won during the fourth season of American Idol back in 2005. Her husband, Mike Fisher, on the other hand, is an ice hockey athlete who played for the Nashville Predators and Ottawa Senators. The two met during one of Underwood’s concerts in 2008 and eventually fell in love. They got engaged the following year in December. It was a dream come true for both of them when they tied the knot in 2010.

The two now have two children together, Isaiah Michael and Jacob Bryan. Early in 2020, they launched a TV series called Mike and Carrie: God and Country, with the two talking about how their faith and spirituality helped them with their struggles in life. They are now doing so well they actually brought another member to the family, a horse they named Bojangles. Their two children, for sure, would have a great degree of fun with their new family member.

Chris Hemsworth & Elsa Pataky

Chris Hemsworth Net Worth:  $130 million

Elsa Pataky Net Worth: $50 million

Being married to Thor could perhaps be anyone’s fancy. Elsa Pataky must be fortunate to have married Chris Hemsworth. Their love story was that of a whirlwind romance as they met and were wedded in 2010. They now have three children together, a daughter born in 2012 and a pair of twin sons born in 2014. Deciding it was best for their family and career to live in Australia, the family moved back to New South Wales in 2015.

There are rumors that the marriage right now is in trouble, but we hope that this is not the case. As it is, the two are under a lot of pressure because of their hectic careers, with Hemsworth working on new projects and Pataky focusing on being a parent right now. In an interview, the actress said that while she loves acting, she has to balance both her career and family, choosing to make investments in her family right now.

Chris Pratt & Katherine Schwarzenegger

Chris Pratt Net Worth:  $60 million

Katherine Schwarzenegger Net Worth: $3 million

The name Katherine Schwarzenegger definitely rings a bell because her father is none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger. She is an author who has written four books. Her husband, Chris Pratt, meanwhile, is the actor behind the character Star-Lord in the MCU and a reputed Hollywood leading man. The two met back in 2017 after lawyers had ironed out the details of Pratt’s separation from Anna Faris.

Pratt and Schwarzenegger married on June 8, 2019, just six months after announcing their engagement. The two welcomed their first child together, Lyla Maria Schwarzenegger Pratt. This past Valentine’s Day was a testament to their strong relationship, when the couple, along with their baby and Pratt’s child with Faris, was seen enjoying the beach. It also appears that Lyla has his mother’s eyes, based on the scant pictures available. With their combined net worth, the kids will surely be well-provided!

Chrissy Teigen & John Legend

Chrissy Teigen Net Worth:  $12 million

John Legend Net Worth: $63 million

This might come as a surprise, but when Chrissy Teigen was starting her modeling career, she did not have a bank account. When her career took off, though, she gained more than 11.9 million Twitter followers and made money in the process. Her husband, John Legend, is an equally successful man after he sold more than 3 million copies of his Get Lifted album. The couple has a combined net worth of $75 million, with Legend contributing more to the pot. One thing is for sure; they are not going to need a personal loan anytime soon.

Legend fondly remembered how he and Teigen met back in 2006. He was working on the music video for his song, Stereo, and they hired the model to be part of the project. The chemistry between the two was apparent, and they started hanging out. A trip to Villa d’Este in Italy’s Lake Como sealed the deal for them, realizing they were meant for each other. They married in September 2013 in Italy.

Christopher Guest & Jamie Lee Curtis

Christopher Guest Net Worth:  $60 million

Jamie Lee Curtis Net Worth: $35 million

A member of the Peerage of the UK, Christoper Guest, styles himself Lord Haden-Guest when using his title. Apart from being a baron, he is also a screenwriter, director, and actor who is given credit for his mock-documentary style of comedy films. He is married to author Jamie Lee Curtis, who is also most known for appearing in horror movies like Terror Train, The Fog, and Roadgames. The two married on December 18, 1984, after a rather inspiring love story.

Curtis reportedly saw a picture of Guest from his movie This is Spinal Tap in Rolling Stone, and she knew and told a friend that he was the one she would marry. She called his agent and asked him to give Guest her number and call her if interested. He did not call, but after some time, they met again at a restaurant, started dating, and finally got married. After 36 years of being together, the two celebrated it with a throwback photo that Curtis posted on Instagram.

Christopher Walken & Georgianne Walken

Christopher Walken Net Worth:  $50 million

Georgianne Walken Net Worth: $5 million

Christopher Walken has had a prolific life appearing on over 100 films and TV programs. He is noted for his performance in hit movies like Sleepy Hollow, The Deer Hunter, and The Jungle Book. His wife, Georgianne Walken, is equally prolific behind the camera, having been the casting director of over 80 movies and TV shows. She is one of the people behind The Sopranos. The Walkens has been married since 1969, and they are among the longest-marriages in Hollywood, with them not looking forward to seeing lawyers anytime soon.

They met when Christopher was doing his tour as part of the movie West Side Story. Surprisingly, the pair has no children together, and this is perhaps the reason why he had a very prolific career. The actor is not saying that having no child is a requirement to have success in Hollywood, but merely that he made a positive out of something that others would have viewed negatively. Currently, the husband and wife are living happily in rural Connecticut, now enjoying their retirement years.

Chuck Norris & Gena Norris

Chuck Norris Net Worth:  $70 million

Gena Noris Net Worth: $1 million


Over his many years in Hollywood, Chuck Norris has cemented his reputation as a martial artist, actor, and producer. He only is not a black belter in judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, but he is also a teacher to fellow celebrities. The actor is currently married to Gena O’Kelley, who is 23 years younger than him and was a former model. They have two children, twins, who were born in 2001.

Norris has shown passionate love for his wife since they were wedded in 1998. Recently, they figured in a controversy involving an allegation that an MRI contrast agent poisoned Gena during her MRI scans. Eventually, the two asked their attorneys to vacate the lawsuit without any settlement. Chuck was perhaps very scared for Gena, the person he considers his best friend more than anyone else. They are also business partners who had worked on various projects together in the past years. Given the depth of their attachment and love for each other, we sure do hope that Norris takes better precautions for the safety of his wife.

Ciara & Russel Wilson

Ciara Wilson Net Worth:  $20 million

Russell Wilson Net Worth: $42 million

Hopping on to planes to travel the world, Ciara certainly enjoyed her childhood. She then joined the girl band Hearsay, which served as her the beginning of her music career. The singer eventually signed a contract with LaFace Records that made the release of her debut album, Goodies, possible. Her husband, Russell Wilson, meanwhile, is a quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. Wilson is also a businessman, having made investments as part-owner of the Seattle Sounders.

The Wilsons were married on July 6, 2016, just a year after they started dating and announcing their engagement. Was it too soon? Perhaps—but they were in love and committed. They welcomed their first child on April 28, 2017, and another one, a son, on July 23, 2020. Ciara has been a very supportive wife and is usually in attendance whenever Russell has a game.

Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber

Cindy Crawford Net Worth:  $100 million

Rande Gerber Net Worth: $400 million

The name and face of Cindy Crawford were all over magazines and fashion campaigns at the height of her career in the 1980s and 1990s. She capitalized on this fame and made herself an actress and a businesswoman. What is interesting is that a couple of friends pranked her in high school, saying she received a call regarding modeling. As it turned out, a few years on, she would become a highly-paid model— and eventually, a supermodel!

Crawford was first married to Richard Gere, but they parted ways, and she met Rande Gerber. He became her husband on May 29, 1998, and they now have two children together. They are also business partners, co-owning a deli they purchased to prevent it from closing down. Their daughter, Kaia, is now into modeling herself, following the footsteps of her mother. We just hope that she also inherits her parents’ excellent money management skills, and she will be set for life.

Courteney Cox & John McDaid

Courteney Cox Net Worth:  $150 million

John McDaid Net Worth: $5 million

Popularly known as Monica from Friends, Courteney Fox is a well-loved actress, director, and producer. She has starred in other films and TV programs, like Family Ties, Bedtime Stories, and Just Before I Go, but it is her portrayal as Monica that stuck with most people.   There is a reunion special being planned, so fans are waiting for that.

Cox has been in a relationship with a few men, but his latest is with Snow Patrol member Johnny McDaid. His boyfriend is no stranger to celebrities as he is given credit for writing songs for P!nk, Robbie Williams, and Ed Sheeran. The two announced their engagement in 2014 but have since called it off while remaining a couple. Cox admitted that a continental long-distance relationship with McDaid has proven challenging as she misses him and his music. Despite this, the beautiful actress still hopes to be with him soon enough.

Cristiano Ronaldo & Georgina Rodriguez

Cristiano Ronaldo Net Worth:  $500 million

Georgina Rodriguez Net Worth: $10 million

Cristiano Ronaldo is rather private when it comes to his personal life, despite him living a rather public sports life.  As a footballer, he plays for Serie A club Juventus and is also the captain of the Portugal national team— that is a lot of responsibility for which he is well compensated for. In case you didn’t know, he is also a father to two children born out of a surrogate.

The footballer is in a relationship with the former shop assistant, au pair, and Spanish model Georgina Rodriguez, with whom he had a son. Rodriguez met Ronaldo when she was working as a shop assistant in a Gucci store in Madrid. She admitted that she fell for him the minute he saw the football player. The paparazzi, however, were fast to catch on, and at one time, Ronaldo went a degree further in protecting their privacy and wore a wig and sunglasses while on a trip with Gutierrez to Disneyland Paris.

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz

Daniel Craig Net Worth:  $160 million

Rachel Weisz Net Worth: $36 million

Casino Royale is the James Bond film that made Daniel Craig rise to international prominence. Before that, he was seen in movies like Layer Cake and Elizabeth. His wife, Rachel Weisz, is an accomplished actress herself, as she is the recipient of various accolades, including an Oscars and a Golden Globe. The British-American actress started on TV in the early 1990s, much as his husband did. She appeared in movies like The Bourne Legacy, The Deep Blue Sea, and The Constant Gardener.

Unknown to many, the couple’s love story took sixteen years to develop. They started as friends before they dated and eventually wedded in 2011. Our 007 has definitely found his forever Bond girl in Weisz, who was also his university classmate. They first met in 1994, and as their careers progressed, they went on their separate ways before crossing paths again later. Is it fate we should give credit to? Maybe. Regardless, we know one thing for sure: they are meant to be from the get-go.

David Beckham & Victoria Beckham

David Beckham Net Worth:  $450 million

Victoria Beckham Net Worth: $450 million

With just the personal wealth considered, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are a degree richer than Queen Elizabeth II. With a combined net worth of $900 million, they are wealthier by over $300 million. Surprising, right? Well, it is not, actually, as both are accomplished in their respective fields. Victoria has a host of brand endorsements under her name, while David earns a significant sum from his football career and by representing different brands, like his wife.

David met the former Spice Girl at a Manchester United match in 1997, at the footballer’s request. They were obviously smitten by each other then, and it appears that love has not dwindled as the years went by. The engagement happened really fast, as they made the announcement in 1998, with the wedding taking place on July 4, 1999. Their wedding was most memorable, as their four-month-old son then was their ring bearer. What a story!

Denzel Washington & Pauletta Washington

Denzel Washington Net Worth:  $250 million

Pauletta Washington Net Worth: $1 million


Multi-awarded actor Denzel Washington is praised for reconfiguring the idea of classic movie stardom through the many characters he played who were often defined by humanity, inner strength, dignity, and grace. Some of these roles include Private Trip in Glory and Steve Biko in Cry Freedom.  Apart from being an excellent actor, Denzel is also a loving husband to his wife, Pauletta, and a doting father to their children.

Denzel and Pauletta, who is also an actress and a classically trained pianist, first met on Wilma’s set in 1977. They later saw each other again at a friend’s party, and that was when things started going romantic. On June 25, 1983, they married and had four children together. Pauletta is a rather reserved person with no social media presence. We can only expect they also have the most updated home security system installed for the family’s privacy.

Dr. Phil & Robin McGraw

Dr. Phil McGraw Net Worth:  $460 million

Robin McGraw Net Worth: $40 million

If you have a life or relationship problem, who do you call? Dr. Phil, of course! His eponymous show has racked up quite the reputation over the years for helping people understand their mental health and emotions. Starting out in a segment on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Phil made a name for himself, and eventually, a different program was created.  Several spinoffs were also created, such as Dr. Phil House and Decision House.

The celebrated TV show host is married to Robin McGraw since 1976—that’s over 40 years of being together! Two children came out of this loving marriage—Jay and Jordan. Over the years, Jay grew up and has been instrumental in producing Decision House. The family, meanwhile, lives in a $30 million home. This is all thanks to Dr. Phil’s years of work as a TV therapist and life coach and Robin’s income from managing her own beauty company.  Like her husband, she is also an author and an entrepreneur who believes in making passive investments.

Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union

Dwayne Wade Net Worth: $170 Million

Gabrielle Union Net Worth: $40 Million

Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union have been married since 2014. In the years that they have been together, you can say that they have been living a lavish life. As a former basketball player, who spent most of his 16-year career as a Miami Heat member, Dwayne has amassed $170 million net worth.

On the other hand, his wife, known as an actress, voice artist, activist, and author, has made $40 million of net worth for herself. She has been known for her teenage comedy film roles back in the days, but Gabrielle has also made investments in a couple of businesses. She owns a haircare line called Flawless by Gabrielle Union and co-finds the organic snack food company Bitsy’s. Fortunately, these two are both successful. The couple shares one kid, Kaavia James Union Wade, though Dwayne also has other children from his past relationships.

Eddie Murphy & Paige Butcher

Eddie Murphy Net Worth: $200 Million

Paige Butcher: $40 Million

Eddie Murphy was only married once, but he had several partners in the past. He never got tired of trying his luck in love again, and he might have finally found the one for him with Paige Butcher. The two have been together since 2012. It may be impossible for these two to part ways with almost a decade of romance—hopefully.

Although they are both a public figure, they have been a low-key couple to a certain degree. They didn’t want much attention, and only a few knew they already started dating back then. Eddie and Paige are both parts of the entertainment industry. Eddie, as we all know, is one of the most famous comedians in Hollywood. He has been in the business since the ’70s, making $200 million net worth all for himself. On the other hand, Paige is also an actress who managed to amass $40 million in wealth to her name. Truly, Izzy Oona and Max Charles Murphy are lucky to be their kids.

Elizabeth Banks & Max Handelman

Elizabeth Banks Net Worth: $50 Million

Max Handelman Net Worth: $50 Million

Elizabeth Banks has been married only once in her life, and that is to the sportswriter Max Handelman. They tied the knot in 2003, but they have been together long before that. As a matter of fact, the couple has been in a relationship for almost three decades, proving love is still alive in Hollywood. If you’re already impressed with the years they have been together, they are more surprised by it, knowing how Hollywood marriage works.

Anyhow, Elizabeth revealed it is something that she is most proud of. She gives their love credit for being able to grow together instead of growing apart. To do this, Elizabeth and Max continuously make decisions that will only draw them to each other. They make sure that whatever they do will make them close, along with their two kids, Felix and Magnus Mitchell Handelman. Whether it has something to do with their combined $100 million net worth, business, or career, it should benefit their family in general.

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia De Rossi

Ellen DeGeneres Net Worth: $500 Million

Portia De Rossi Net Worth: $50 Million

Ellen DeGeneres may be far richer than her wife with her $500 million net worth, but without Portia De Rossi, she is incomplete. These two have been together since early 2000. It was love at first sight for Portia, who knew she was already in love with the host the first time she laid eyes on her after they met. However, it wasn’t until 2004 that things developed between them. In 2005, they finally made their romance publicly official. After three years, when gay marriage was already legalized in California, the couple tied the knot.

There’s no competition between the two. They are both wealthy in their own rights, as Portia has a $50 million fortune of her own. They love to spend their money on different investments, especially in real estate property. Portia and Ellen are into buying and selling homes, increasing the already huge net worth they have.

Emma Watson & Leo Robinton

Emma Watson Net Worth: $80 Million

Leo Robinton Net Worth: $850,000

The beautiful Emma Watson has finally found the love of her life in Leo Robinton. No, he’s not a celebrity, and many wonder who is the 30-year-old star’s boyfriend. In case you don’t know, this couple has been together for more than a year. According to reports, Emma intentionally keeps her new romance out of the spotlight, knowing the degree of rumors they have to face. As a public figure, however, she will find it hard to hide him in public for so long.

Leo is a businessman with $850,000 net worth to his name. Though Emma is more affluent than him with her $80 million fortune, it is not an issue between the two. They met through common friends, and sorry, Leo has no social media, so Emma’s fans can’t stalk him. He is from a big family, and so the Harry Potter star can be sure that her boyfriend is family-oriented if they already decided to settle down.

Elon Musk & Grimes

Elon Musk Net Worth: $180 Billion

Grimes Net Worth: $3 Million

A lot were surprised when they learned Elon Musk and Grimes had a thing. They came from two different worlds—an artist and a wealthy, successful businessman. Anyhow, they are both celebrities. Elon is famously known as a business magnate behind SpaceX and Tesla’s success and has a whopping $180 billion net worth to his name. On the other hand, Grimes is an all-around artist. She is a musician, singer, songwriter, and visual artist with a $3 million fortune.

The two started dating in 2018, making their romance official when they both stepped in the 2018 Met Gala together. To some degree, they looked quite eccentric together, and their on-and-off relationship is as strange as well. They are dubbed to be the most unpredictable couple, an excellent example of modern love. Even their baby’s name is quite contemporary, X Æ A-12 or pronounced as “X Ash A-12”, as per Elon, and X A.I. A-12, as per Grimes.

Elton John & David James Furnish

Elton John Net Worth: $500 Million

David James Furnish Net Worth: $50 Million

Elton John and David James Furnish get credits for being the epitome of a healthy queer marriage. The two have been together for more than 25 years, showing how strong their love is for each other. They often walk the red carpets together as well as different fundraising and special events, posing in front of the camera hand-in-hand.

David and Elton have the cutest love story. They met at the time when the iconic singer wanted to meet new people. Little did he know that he was about to meet the love of his life then. David is a filmmaker, director, and a former advertising executive, who has a $50 million net worth to his name. Elton, alternatively, is a singer-songwriter who has been in the business since the early ’60s. In his time in the industry, he has managed to amass a $500 million fortune, and it will continuously grow as his fame resumes.

Garth Brooks & Trisha Yearwood

Garth Brooks Net Worth: $400 Million

Trisha Yearwood Net Worth: $45 Million

After Garth Brooks parted ways with his first wife, Sandy Mahl, he tried another shot at love again. After they met in the early ’80s, the country singer knew Trisha Yearwood was the one for him, though they were both married at the time. The heart wants what it wants, and so fate has brought them together. They had been good friends for decades before a romance started to brew when they finally became both single again.

As a rockstar himself, Garth got on his one knee, popped up the question, and asked for Trisha’s hand for marriage in front of 7,000 people. Despite being millionaires themselves—Garth is $400 million rich, while Trisha has a $45 million fortune—they chose to tie the knot in a private ceremony instead. Surely, the place of their wedding is installed with the best home security system so that they could be sure of their privacy back then. Fast forward to today, Garth and Trisha have been enjoying more than two decades of togetherness.

George Clooney & Amal Ramzi Alamuddin

George Clooney Net Worth: $500 Million

Amal Ramzi Alamuddin Net Worth: $50 Million

George Clooney and Amal Ramzi Alamuddin are one of the most admired power couples in the industry. They are a match made in heaven as both are famous and successful in their own careers. As everyone knows, George is one of today’s most iconic actors and has a $500 million net worth in tow. In comparison, his wife is a known humanitarian lawyer at the Doughty Street Chambers and has a $50 million fortune herself.

Their love story seems to be derived from a fairytale book. The saying true love will find its way, and it seems to come to life when Amal’s friend brought her to George’s house, where his parents were also there at the time. She was instantly introduced to the Clooney family, and from here, the rest is history.  They started dating in 2013, and just after a year, George popped the question. Though Amal was too shocked to give her sweetest yes, they still ended up getting hitched in 2014.

Gisele Bündchen & Tom Brady

Gisele Bündchen Net Worth: $400 Million

Tom Brady Net Worth: $250 Million

Their relationship may have started rough, but Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady’s romance is one of the strongest. Despite the many ups and downs, they have managed to withstand the different degrees of relationship and marital issues. They have been together for about 14 years and married for almost 12 years.

Tom and Gisele tied the knot twice. The first one was an intimate ceremony in California, while the second one was a lavish wedding in Costa Rica. As they continuously build their family—they now have two kids, by the way, Vivan Lake and Benjamin Brady—they also continually make noise in their fields. Gisele remains one of the most famous industry models with a $400 million net worth, while her husband is still Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback with a $260 million fortune. Combined, the couple’s money amounts to $650 million, making them one of the industry’s wealthiest pairs.

Gordon Ramsay & Tana Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay Net Worth: $220 Million

Tana Ramsay Net Worth: $3 Million

Gordon Ramsay now gets credit for being one of the wealthiest celebrity chefs with his $220 million net worth. When he luckily reached the peak of his career, the 54-year-old TV personality did not only confine himself to the four corners of the kitchen; he also ventured into different entertainment fields. The TV personality instantly became a celebrity, a restaurateur, and a writer.

Gordon might not be able to do all of these if he didn’t get the support of his wife, Tana Ramsay. Just like her husband, Tana is also fond of cooking. Besides being a presenter, she is also an author who has written several books about food preparations that have helped her amass a $3 million fortune. They tied the knot in 1996 and now have five kids. In their nearly 25 years of marriage, it may be safe to assume that the couple, together with their kids, is the epitome of a happy family.

Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton

Gwen Stefani Net Worth: $150 Million

Blake Shelton Net Worth: $100 Million

If something is lacking between Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s relationship, it is marriage. These two have been making fans romantically excited whenever they are together. They are the cutest couple in the industry today, and everyone is shipping for them to be together forever.

Gwen and Blake officially started their romance in 2015. At the time, they both recently came out from failed marriages, exhausted by working together with their attorneys to make their separations legal. From here, they found comfort in each other. Gwen and Blake have made a lot of good music together in their almost six years of romance. They went on tours, dropped new albums, and performed on stage. Gwen and Blake are also reportedly living together. With their combined $250 million net worth, their wedding would surely be extravagant if they ever plan on doing so.

Heidi Klum & Tom Kaulitz

Heidi Klum Net Worth: $160 Million

Tom Kaulitz Net Worth: $25 Million

Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz surprised everyone when they made their relationship public. Rumors about the two started in 2018, and just after a year, they secretly got married. Despite their May-December love affair—Heidi is 17 years his senior—the supermodel revealed she didn’t think about their age difference that much. She chose to live a happy life with her husband without worrying about what people would say. It would just give her more wrinkles, and the Victoria’s Secret Angel didn’t like that. She also gave Tom all the credit for being the “kindest, sweetest, most caring, and loving person.”

For those who didn’t know, Tom is a musician who is behind the hit songs White Lies, Monsoon, Love Who Loves You Back, and more. He has a $25 million net worth, in contrast to Heidi’s $160 million fortune. In over a year of marriage, Heidi and Tom are genuinely happy, and it seems like they have everything they could ever wish for.

Hugh Jackman & Deborra-Lee Furness

Hugh Jackman Net Worth: $180 Million

Deborra-Lee Furness Net Worth: $50 Million

If there is one thing that Hugh Jackman never regrets in his life, it is marrying Deborra-Lee Furness. The Wolverine actor was smitten with his wife from the first time he saw him, up until today. Now, the smitten couple is now about to celebrate 25 years of marriage. In an interview, Deborra gave credit to their strong union for the “amazing connection” they have. She considers him her soulmate, and Hugh avows to continuously define “soulmate” by following the motto “happy wife, happy life.”

The couple first met in 1995. Since then, Hugh has already had a crush on her. Out of the many guys who wanted to date Deborra then, he luckily got the chance. After just a year, they decided to get wedded. Hugh and Deborra have been defying the meaning of Hollywood marriage since they got together. They are still deeply in love with each other and are happily working on a stronger family with their two kids, Oscar Maximilian and Ava Eliot Jackman.

James Corden & Julia Carey

James Corden Net Worth: $30 Million

Julia Carey Net Worth: $11 Million

If there is someone who James Corden always makes happy, it is his wife, Julia Carey. The two met in 2009 at a Save the Children event, thanks to their mutual friend Dominic Cooper. In case you don’t know, Julia is a former actress who appeared in A Bunch of Fives, Enemy at the Door, Within These Walls, and Walls. Today, she is a TV producer of some of the famous TV shows.

Credits to James’ pickup line, he instantly won Julia’s heart. After just a year of knowing each other, the famed host asked for her hand in marriage, and she willingly gave it to him. It might have taken them two years before they tied the knot, but the wait was truly worth it. The wedding took place in England, and they had a list of impressive guests. Fast forward to today, Julia and James now share three kids, Carey, Max, and Charlotte Corden. Of course, their combined $41 million net worth is all for the kids’ well-being and future.


Janet Jackson & Wissam Al Mana

Janet Jackson Net Worth: $190 Million

Wissam Al Mana Net Worth: $1 Billion

Janet Jackson is one of the most iconic performers in the industry who is best known for being part of the prominent Jackson family, with the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. Despite this, it was her career as a solo artist that allowed her to make a name for herself as one of the best in the industry. Wissam Al Mana, on the other hand, is a Qatari billionaire and executive director of the Al Mana Retail Group.

Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana got married in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2017 that the globally-renowned artist gave birth to their son. Although the pair are no longer together today, it’s safe to assume that they had an incredible life together. They must have had a lavish lifestyle, and we’re sure that they will forever cherish the memories they have built together with their child. We just hope that they were able to secure an insurance policy for their son in case something goes wrong with their wealth.

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet

Jason Momoa Net Worth: $14 Million (combined)

Lisa Bonet Net Worth: $14 Million (combined)

Jason Momoa is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood today. He was first known for his credit role as Khal Drogo in the blockbuster HBO production Game of Thrones. It was his portrayal of the superhero Aquaman in the DC Universe, however, that allowed the actor to finally get a taste of international stardom. Lisa Bonet, on the other hand, is famous for playing Denise Huxtable in the iconic television sitcom The Cosby Show.

Jason and Lisa first met in 2005 and began dating afterward. Although the road to the aisle was long, they finally tied the knot in 2017. Prior to getting married, the love birds actually had children already. The couple welcomed their first child in 2007 and was followed by another one the following year. Jason Momoa also became the stepfather of Zoe Kravitz, Lisa’s child with Lenny Kravitz, upon becoming the legal husband of Lisa.

Jason Statham & Rosie Alice Huntington-Whiteley

Jason Statham Net Worth: $90 Million

Rosie Alice-Huntington-Whiteley Net Worth: $30 Million

Jason Statham is one of the most sought-after actors in the industry, especially in the action genre. He is best known for his martial arts abilities that propelled him into the limelight. Most of his films have already grossed billions of dollars worldwide. Among the actor’s notable projects are The Transporter, The Expendables movie franchise, and The Fast and the Furious film series. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, meanwhile, is an accomplished model who is best known for being one of the most beloved Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Jason and Rosie first met in 2010, and we must say they are one lucky couple. The lovers are both good-looking as well as incredibly wealthy, and we can only imagine what kind of lifestyle they have. Indeed, they are known for their lavish investments, which include their $13 million mansions in Beverly Hills, California.

Jay Leno & Mavis Elizabeth Nicholson-Leno

Jay Leno Net Worth: $450 Million (combined)

Mavis Elizabeth Nicholson-Leno Net Worth: $450 Million (combined)

Jay Leno is a respected comedian and former late-night talk show host, renowned for hosting the long-running late-night talk show called The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, which he helmed from 1992 to 2009. At the peak of his career, he reportedly earned around $320 million in salary. His wife, Mavis Leno, is a leading feminist icon in California and the world. She is known for being the chair of the Feminist Majority Foundation’s campaign to stop gender apartheid in Afghanistan since 1997.

They have been together for many years. Interestingly, they have quite an interesting love story. The couple first met in a store in Los Angeles, where they reportedly fell in love at first sight. They then dated for a few years before finally walking down the aisle in 1980. Although Jay and Mavis have no children, we think that they are still enjoying their time together, considering the enormous fortune that the pair can use to buy any luxurious goods or investment properties they may fancy.

Jean-Claude Van Damme & Gladys Portugues

Jean-Claude Van Damme Net Worth: $40 Million

Gladys Portugues Net Worth: $5 Million

Jean-Claude Van Damme easily sits on the Mt. Rushmore of the greatest martial artists of all time. His degree of celebrity matches that of other legendary martial artists such as Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. He was especially prominent during the late 1980s and the 1990s. Among his successful movie projects include Street Fighter, Timecop, Double Team, and Knock Off. His wife Gladys, on the other hand, is a fitness icon who rose to stardom for being a champion bodybuilder who won twice in the prestigious Ms. Olympia contest.

They got married in 1987 when Gladys was only 30 years old. They share two children, namely: Kristopher, born in 1987, and Bianca, born in 1990. Intriguingly, most people might be shocked to know that they separated once in 1992 but were remarried once again in 1999, proving to us all that second chances do exist.

Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez Net Worth: $400 Million

Alex Rodriguez Net Worth: $350 Million

Who hasn’t heard of the legendary Jenny from the block? Unless you’re living in a cave, you’re probably familiar with one of the most successful performers in the history of music. With a career spanning over 25 years, Jennifer Lopez has risen to become the most beloved Latina singer of all time. She is responsible for bringing Puerto Rican culture and music to the global stage with hits such as Get It Right and Lets Get Loud, among many others.

Her fiancée Alex Rodriguez, meanwhile, is successful in his own right as well. He is an iconic baseball player who is best known for his time with the New York Yankees. Together, they form one of the most influential power couples in Hollywood, with a combined net worth of over $750 million. That is a quarter shy of a billion dollars! With that fortune, they must have various investments that only make their wealth grow even more.

Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson

Jessica Simpson Net Worth: $200 Million

Eric Johnson Net Worth: $10 Million

Jessica Simpson is a famous singer, businesswoman, actress, and media personality renowned for movies such as The Dukes of Hazzard and Blonde Ambition. She is also a successful entrepreneur who has launched her own fashion line of shoes, handbags, and lingerie, all of which have generated over $1 billion in sales. Her husband is Eric Johnson, a retired American football player who is best known for his time with the San Francisco 49ers.

Eric Johnson met Jessica Simpson two years after his retirement from the sport. They tied the knot in 2014, and they now have three wonderful children together. We know their combined net worth is more than enough to support their children and even give them a comfortable life. Despite that, we still believe that it’s always a good idea to get an insurance policy to protect their children’s future.

Jim Parsons & Todd Spiewak

Jim Parsons Net Worth: $160 Million

Todd Spiewak Net Worth: $7 Million

Jim Parsons is one of the most recognizable comedic actors in the industry today. He is best known for his credit role as Sheldon Cooper in the hit television sitcom The Big Bang Theory, in which he earned numerous accolades such as several Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. He is also widely regarded to be one of the highest-paid television actors in recent years. Todd Spiewak, on the other hand, is a producer who is best known for his involvement in successful TV shows such as Special and Young Sheldon.

Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak had been romantic partners for over 14 years before finally getting married in May of 2017. With an enormous fortune on their hands, we’re confident that they are no stranger to the lavish lifestyle commonly attributed to big-shot celebrities. True enough, they have reportedly spent on a couple of luxurious properties, such as their $6.3 million mansions in Los Feliz.

Jimmy Buffett & Jane Slagsvol

Jimmy Buffet Net Worth: $600 Million (combined)

Jane Slagsvol Net Worth: $600 Million (combined)

Jimmy Buffet is a legend in the music industry. He is renowned for his island escapism musical style, which allowed him to grow an international business empire. Buffett blended both folk and country music with beach-vibe lyrics that produced a sound universally known as the gulf and western sound. His famous hits include Margaritaville, Fins, Something So Feminine About a Mandolin, and Come Monday. On the other hand, his wife, Jane Slagsvol, is a writer who has co-written some of Jimmy’s most iconic songs, including the hit song Something So Feminine About a Mandolin.

Can you believe that they have been together since the early 1980s? Given how fleeting relationships can be in the industry, it’s quite an impressive feat for the couple. Their massive fortune has allowed them to indulge in several top-of-the-line investments in real estate properties, such as their expensive West Palm Beach mansion and their luxurious abode in Saint Barts in the Caribbean. Of course, the pair certainly knows how to give back, as they also started a charity called Save the Manatee.

Jimmy Fallon & Nancy Juvonen

Jimmy Fallon Net Worth: $60 Million

Nancy Juvonen Net Worth: $20 Million

Jimmy Fallon is a beloved comic and late-night talk show host who is best known for being a cast member of the legendary TV sitcom Saturday Night Live and being the host of the hit late-night talk show called The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He has garnered numerous accolades for his hosting skills, such as several Primetime Emmy Awards. His wife, Nancy Juvonen, is a successful producer and co-owner of the film production company Flower Films.

They first met on the set of Jimmy’s film Fever Pitch and soon began dating afterward. Surprisingly, we found out that Jimmy is something of a romantic himself. According to reports, Jimmy proposed at sunset on the dock of Nancy’s house in 2007. It seems that Nancy was love-stricken as they immediately got married in the same year. They are now living a comfortable life in a luxurious real estate investment in the Hamptons worth $5.7 million.

John Krasinski & Emily Blunt

John Krasinski Net Worth: $80 Million (combined)

Emily Blunt Net Worth: $80 Million (combined)

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are two of the most beloved actors and actresses in Hollywood today. Together, they form a formidable couple who is known for their sweet and kind disposition as well. John is an actor and director who rose to international stardom when he played Jim in the hugely successful sitcom The Office. On the other hand, Emily Blunt is an actress renowned for her films The Devil Wears Prada, Sicario, and A Quiet Place, among many others.

They started dating in November of 2008 and got engaged in August of the following year. In 2010, the love birds finally tied the knot at George Clooney’s stunning estate in Como, Italy. Together, they have two wonderful daughters named; Hazel and Violet, who were born in 2014 and 2016, respectively. John and Emily also several property investments, including a $6 million townhouse in Brooklyn and a $2.4 million property in Ojai, California.

Jon Stewart & Tracey McShane

Jon Stewart Net Worth: $120 Million

Tracey McShane Net Worth: $600,000

Jon Stewart is a respected comedian, television host, and political satirist renowned for hosting the extremely popular talk show The Daily Show, which he helmed from 1999 to 2015. For his work in the show, he garnered numerous accolades, such as an astounding 20 Primetime Emmy Awards as well as two Peabody Awards. Tracey McShane, on the other hand, works in a different field. She is an animal rights advocate and a veterinary technician.

The lovely couple walked down the aisle in November of 2000. Together, they were blessed with two beautiful children, namely; Nathan and Maggie, who were born in 2004 and 2006, respectively. Now, the family happily lives in a high-class estate in New York City’s Tribeca neighborhood. As it turns out, the husband and wife already bought the 6,000 square-foot-mansion in 2005 for $5.8 million and sold it in 2014 for a whopping $17.5 million. Now that’s certainly a wise investment in real estate!

Joseph Gordon Levitt & Tasha McCauley

Joseph Gordon Levitt Net Worth: $35 Million

Tasha McCauley Net Worth: $3.5 Million

Joseph Gordon Levitt is another brilliant actor on the list. Also known as “JGL,” Levitt was first known as a child star before finally rising to international stardom for his iconic films such as 10 Things I Hate About You, 500 Days of Summer, Inception, and The Dark Knight, among many others. Throughout his storied career, he has earned many awards, which include a Primetime Emmy Award. His wife, Tasha McCauley, is the founder of a successful tech company called Fellow Robots and is the CEO of GeoSimCities.

The pair reportedly met in 2013 through a mutual friend, and it wasn’t long until they fell in love with each other. Not long after, Joseph and Tasha finally tied the knot in December of 2014 in a private marriage ceremony. They are now proud parents to two precious kids who were born in 2015 and 2017, respectively. The Levitt family currently lives in the Los Feliz neighborhood in Los Angeles. In case you did not know, the ranch-style property is worth over $3.25 million. With the couple’s combined net worth of $38.5 million, paying for the estate as well as utility expenses such as electricity will surely be no biggie!

Julia Roberts & Daniel Moder

Julia Roberts Net Worth: $250 Million

Daniel Moder Net Worth: $10 Million

Julia Roberts is renowned as one of the most beautiful faces that ever graced the silver screen. She is perhaps best known for her iconic film Pretty Woman, which prettily sums up who she is. Since then, she has become a leading female star in Hollywood who easily earns millions of dollars for every film she makes. Her other successful movies include Oceans Eleven, Eat Pray Love, Notting Hill, and Wonder, among many others. Her husband, on the other hand, is an accomplished cinematographer who is best known for his work in films such as The Mexican and Fireflies in the Garden.

They met on the set of Julia’s film The Mexican in 2000. At the time, they were both committed to different partners, but they eventually became single, and by 2002, they were already married. Julia and Daniel own several investment properties across America. As a matter of fact, they hold a $6.4 million mansion in Malibu and an extravagant apartment in Manhattan, New York, which is worth over $4 million.

Justin Bieber & Hailey Bieber

Justin Bieber Net Worth: $285 Million

Hailey Bieber Net Worth: $20 Million

Justin Bieber is credited as one of the most successful pop singers of all time, who first got a taste of the spotlight when he was discovered on YouTube in 2008. It wasn’t long before he was able to achieve breakthrough success for his bestselling album My World in 2010. Some of his most famous hits include One Less Lonely Girl, One Time, and Baby, which sold more than 15 million copies worldwide. His wife, Hailey Bieber, is a successful model and actress who has been walking on prestigious runways since 2014.

They started to have an on-and-off relationship in 2015, and it wasn’t until 2018 that they finally reunited for good. In the same year, the couple got engaged and married, which surprised many fans due to the fast development of their relationship. Nevertheless, we’re all happy and giddy to see them very much in love with each other, and we’re sure there’s a fantastic life ahead of them. They currently live in a Beverly Hills mansion that is worth over $8.5 million.

Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake: $250 Million

Jessica Biel: $18 Million

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have gone through a lot in their relationship, but they are still happily living out their romance together. Timberlake is a famous singer who began his professional music career as a member of the renowned boyband NSYNC. After the band’s disbandment, he went on to have a great solo career, and he continues to release amazing music until today. His wife, on the other hand, is a great actress with numerous acting credits in her resume. She received many accolades for her acting performances, such as a Golden Globe Award and a Primetime Emmy Award.

With every fantastic thing the two have done in their careers, their net worth mirrors their success. As of 2021, Timberlake’s net worth is around $250 million, while Biel’s is about $18 million. They both have impressive careers, which put them and their relationship in the limelight. In case you’re wondering about how the pair came to be, Timberlake and Biel met around 2007, and the former said it took a while for him to make Biel agree to date him. With the singer’s perseverance and genuine love, the two now live happily even with all the obstacles that came their way.

Kaley Cuoco & Karl Cook

Kaley Cuoco: $100 Million

Karl Cook:  $120 Million

Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook’s relationship only started in late 2016, but it moved very quickly. Unexpectedly, the couple got engaged in 2017, and then they tied the knot in 2018. Their relationship is more on the private side, but Cuoco posts photos of them on social media now and then. In 2019, the actress said that their marriage was unconventional because they didn’t move in together after their marriage. That’s probably because of their careers. Cuoco is an amazing actress who starred in big television shows like The Big Bang Theory and The Flight Attendant. Cook, meanwhile, is the son of billionaire Scott Cook, who is the founder of Intuit. He is also a big name in the equestrian world as a competitor.

They only recently moved in together, and their investment in their relationship was fruitful. Cuoco and Cook did what they had to do for their careers, and as of 2021, their net worths are enormous. Cuoco is valued at around $100 million, while Cook has about $120 million to his name. Now that they’re all saved-up and ready to take their relationship to the next step, we’re sure that this lovely couple is set for life!

Kate Moss & Nikolai Von Bismarck

Kate Moss: $70 Million

Nikolai Von Bismarck:  $2 Million

Kate Moss has been in a five-year relationship with the British-German aristocrat Count Nikolai von Bismarck. They started dating when Moss closed the chapter of her life with Jamie Hince, the band’s guitarist, The Kills. The two are still going strong, and von Bismarck even gave the model a beautiful ring as a gift. Of course, everyone knows Moss as an iconic model who rose to prominence in the ’90s because of her “heroin chic” look that was the beauty standard. Her husband, meanwhile, is a photographer who specializes in portraiture and reportage. Von Bismarck worked with the renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz for two years after graduating from Parsons Paris School of Art and Design.

The two aren’t engaged yet, but their investment in their relationship is massive and genuine. Moss revealed that they both enjoy going jewelry shopping. With their net worth, the couple can enjoy buying expensive pieces of jewelry at any time! As of 2021, Moss’s net worth is around $70 million, and von Bismarck’s is about $2 million.

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman: $250 Million

Keith Urban:  $80 Million

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban fell in love quickly when they met at an event in 2005. They tied the knot the following summer, and they’ve been living the happy married life with their two daughters ever since. Kidman and Urban’s relationship is one of the least problematic relationships in Hollywood, but they experience ups and downs like any other relationship.

Kidman is a well-renowned actress who continues to receive accolades for her performances. She hasn’t run out of gas, and everyone still acclaims the actress’s impressive acting prowess, like her performance in Big Little Lies. Her husband is also amazing in his career as a country musician. The two have their outstanding jobs, but they never forget to take care of each other and their kids. As of 2021, Kidman’s net worth is around $250 million, while Urban’s is about $80 million. Even with their massive net worth, the couple cares more about the happiness of their small, private family

Kelly Clarkson & Brandon Blackstock

Kelly Clarkson: $250 Million

Brandon Blackstock:  $80 Million

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock were in a seven-year marriage, but they have known each other since 2006. They first met when Clarkson was rehearsing a performance with Rascall Flatts, a country band that Blackstock was managing at the time. They reconnected in 2012 later because of their mutual friend Blake Shelton. That year, Clarkson and Blackstock got engaged and then tied the knot in 2013. They both work in the same industry, which helped them find their way to one another.

Clarkson is a great singer with a longstanding name in music. One of her credits in the industry is being the first American Idol. The singer won the first season of the eponymous show, and her career is still going strong! Now, she even has her talk show now called The Kelly Clarkson Show. On the other side of the spectrum, Blackstock is a talent manager, so music was a big part of their relationship. As of 2021, Clarkson’s net worth is around $45 million, while Blackstock is estimated to be about $5 million.

Kelly Ripa & Mark Andrew Consuelos

Kelly Ripa: $250 Million

Mark Andrew Consuelos:  $80 Million

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are having a fantastic time living the married life for over two decades, and it looks like their relationship still has not run out of gas! The couple met on the set of All My Children, where they both starred. Ripa and Consuelos got married on May 1, 1996, and they have three children together. The two continue to enjoy their relationship 24 years later, and their careers keep on growing. Other than being an actress, Ripa is also a dancer and a talk show host. She’s known to be the co-host of the morning talk show Live! since 2001. Ripa had multiple co-hosts through the years, but she remains to be a staple on the show.

Her husband is a great actor, and Consuelos has not stopped mastering his craft. One of his recent roles is in the show Riverdale where he plays the billionaire businessman Hiram Lodge who wreaks havoc in the series.The happy couple balanced their careers and family life amazingly, and it paid off for them. As of 2021, Ripa’s net worth is around $90 million, and Consuelos’s is about $50 million.

Kevin Bacon & Kyra Sedgwick

Kevin Bacon: $45 Million

Kyra Sedgwick:  $50 Million

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick continue to enjoy their marriage of over 30 years and counting! Sedgwick revealed that Bacon wasn’t her type, but she ended up falling in love with him. The couple got married on September 4, 1988, and they now have two children to complete their family. Both Bacon and Sedgwick are actors, and they are excellent at what they do. The former is known for starring in Footloose, which catapulted him to stardom. Sedgwick is known for her role as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson in The Closer, where she received awards for her fantastic performance.

The couple is not stopping anytime soon as they add more notable acting credits to their resume and prove why they deserve all the accolades they received. As of 2021, Bacon’s net worth is $45 million, while Sedgwick is about $50 million.

Kevin Costner & Christine Baumgartner

Kevin Costner: $250 Million

Christine Baumgartner:  $8 Million

Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner have gone through so much in their relationship, but they managed to get through them. The couple is still happily married and has three children together. Costner didn’t want more children as he already had four from his previous marriages, and the two broke up briefly in 2002. Baumgartner didn’t give up on the actor and told him that she would wait for him. Her decision didn’t go to waste because they reconciled after a while. The two got married in 2004 at Costner’s ranch outside Aspen. They invested their love, and it was worth it.

Their relationship continues to be excellent, even with their busy careers. Costner’s acting career is still ongoing, and he always gets prominent roles up to now. Some of his recent well-known films are Hidden Figures and Molly’s Games. Baumgartner is a former model who is now a renowned handbag designer. As of 2021, Costner’s net worth is around $250 million, while his wife’s net worth is about $8 million.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

Kim Kardashian: $900 Million

Kanye West:  $3.2 Billion

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s relationship has been under the public eye since it began, but the two had known each other years before they started dating. Kardashian shared that she met West in 2003 when he recorded a song with Brandy, her friend. They didn’t have a connection back then, but in 2008, they worked on a television pilot called Alligator Boots. Then, West appeared in her family’s reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2010 but only as her friend, and she was also married at the time. It was a short-lived marriage, though, and West professed his love to her in 2012 through a song titled Cold. They finally got together, and not long after, their daughter North West came into the world. They got married in 2014, and their first son was born the next year.

The two are both influential people and became a power couple. West is a great rapper, and Kardashian is a television star and a successful businesswoman. As of 2021, West’s net worth is around $1.3 billion, while Kardashian’s is about $780 million. With their popularity and the business investments they have made, it’s no wonder they’re making so much money.

Kirk Douglas & Anne Buydens

Kirk Douglas: $350 Million

Anne Buydens:  $5 Million

Renowned actor Kirk Douglas and his wife Anne Buydens enjoyed a beautiful marriage that lasted for six decades. They first met when Buydens worked as a film publicist, and she was living in Paris at that time. Anne met Douglas through a friend on the set of his film, Act of Love. Douglas was frustrated at her because she was playing hard to get. He thought his status as a movie star would make it easy to invite Buydens to dinner, but he thought wrong. Buydens work for Douglas as his publicist, but their relationship was strictly professional until the actor proved that he was not a player. The couple got married in May 1954 and have two children together.

Douglas’s career as an actor is remarkable with all the movies he’s starred in. One of his most notable roles is the criminal defense attorney in the 1961 film Town Without Pity. Buydens was a publicist, and she’s mostly known as a philanthropist. As of 2021, Douglas’s net worth is estimated to be around $61 million, and his wife’s net worth is approximately $5 million.

Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard

Kristen Bell: $40 Million

Dax Shepard:  $20Million

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have been happily together for 13 years, and they learned how to make their relationship work through the years. They learned to treat their relationship like a job and make sure that they are committed to everything they do as a couple and respect each other. Speaking of jobs, both actors have outstanding credits in their careers. The two even acted together in films. They co-starred in When in Rome, Hit and Run, and CHiPs. Bell and Dax mix their work with their relationship, but with all the lessons they’ve learned from being in a relationship, the two avoid problems that might occur.

As of 2021, Bell’s reported net worth is around $40 million, while Shepard’s is approximately around $20 million. The happy couple shows the world that love and marriage take time and work. As long as both are giving and receiving in the relationship, they have nothing to worry about.

Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn

Kurt Russell: $100 Million

Goldie Hawn:  $90 Million

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are both great actors, and they met on a set of the film Swing Shift in 1983. That was the start of their story, and the couple has been together ever since. They have been in previous marriages, but surprisingly, the two have never gotten tied the knot because they believe that a marriage certificate won’t affect them anymore. They live a happy life together, and they’ve been fine without one for decades.

Russell and Hawn are still great actors and even acted together in the Netflix movie The Christmas Chronicles. The film had a sequel where Hawn got a more prominent role than the first movie. The happy couple has not run out of gas, and they continue to give joy to people whenever they appear on the screen. As of 2021, Russell’s net worth is reported to be around $100 million, and Hawn’s is about $90 million.

LeBron James & Savannah Brinson

LeBron James: $500 Million

Savannah Brinson:  $50 Million

LeBron James and Savannah Brinson’s love story started even before James became a famous basketball player worldwide. The two met when they were still in high school and attending classes in rival schools. The two weren’t bothered about that, and now they live a happily married life with three children. James continues to be a beast and a legend on the basketball court. He’s been playing professionally since 2003. He started with his hometown team, the Cleveland CavaliersThe basketball player moved to another group for a short while, but Cleveland was where he shined, so he returned to them. Brinson is an amazing wife to James, and she has her business investments like her shop called The Juice Spot in Miami.

As of 2021, James’ net worth is approximately $500 million, and his wife has around $50 million. Even with all the money and clout James gets, the two continue to show that fame cannot get in between a happy and healthy relationship.

Lee Majors & Faith Majors

Lee Majors: $15 Million

Faith Majors:  $1.9 Million

Lee and Faith Majors have been in a happy relationship for over 23 years, and the former thinks it’s a fantastic record for a relationship in Hollywood. The actor is proud of his happy marriage to Faith because he’s had many marriages before her. Lee had a fantastic career in Hollywood, and people dubbed him as the “blond Elvis Presley” because of his strong resemblance to the legendary musician. He’s most notably known for his television shows like The Big Valley, The Six Million Dollar Man, and The Fall Guy. Faith is also an actress, and some of her acting credits include Corruption.Gov and TV: The Movie.

As of 2021, Lee’s estimated net worth is around $15 million, and his wife Faith has approximately $1.9 million. The actor knows that he has been through many ups and downs in his marriages, but his investment in his relationship with Faith worked out well for him decades later.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Camilla Morrone

Leonardo DiCaprio: $250 Million

Camilla Morrone:  $2.5-3 Million

Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Monroe’s relationship became official in 2020 after they were rumored to be seeing each other back in December 2017. Some sources said they were only family friends, but in 2018, the two were spotted going on multiple vacations together. They went to visit Capri island and also had a snowy holiday in Colorado. Soon, the pair went out publicly without announcing their relationship. Shockingly, Camila and Leo were even showing public displays of affection in Los Angeles and didn’t care who might see them. The couple’s relationship was private to a certain degree because of the criticisms of their age gap. Still, their relationship continues to blossom, and they even spent New Year’s Eve together!

DiCaprio and Morrone’s relationship is strong, and it doesn’t affect their careers as actors. Morrone’s acting career is starting to flourish more, and she even starred in the 2020 film Valley Girl. On the other hand, DiCaprio has already cemented his status as a fantastic actor. The seasoned actor still has his foot on the gas pedal as his upcoming projects continue to pile up. One of the actor’s upcoming films is the Netflix show called Don’t Look Up. As of 2021, DiCaprio’s net worth is around $260 million, while Morrone’s net worth is about $2.5 to $3 million.

Lisa Kudrow and Michel Stern

Lisa Kudrow Net Worth: $90 Million

Michael Stern Net Worth: $1.1 Million

For this couple, the theme is female power when it comes to who’s bringing the dough more. This comes after Friends actress Lisa Kudrow has been racking a whopping $90 million net worth compared to her partner’s, Michael Stern, respectable $1 million. It was love at first sight that caught Kudrow’s eyes when Stern dropped by her friend’s apartment in the late 1980s, but since Stern was in a relationship with Kudrow’s friend then, a budding romance was suppressed. Soon enough, however, their relationship can be given credit to destiny when, after the couple started dating around the 1990s, they finally tied the knot after five years of courtship on May 27, 1995.

Kudrow is popularly known for her fantastic portrayal of Phoebe in the hit classic sitcom Friends and a vast list of other films and series from Mad About You, Reunion, and Web Therapy. As for Stern, the French entrepreneur works as an advertising executive and businessman, making him a perfect fit for his megastar wife.

Maggie Gyllenhaal & Peter Sarsgaard

Maggie Gyllenhaal Net Worth: $25 Million

Peter Sarsgaard Net Worth: $25 Million

With a whopping combined net worth of $50 million, the star couple Peter Sarsgaard and Maggie Gyllenhaal aren’t only insanely rich but are also adorable together. Margalit Ruth Gyllenhaal, popularly known by her stage name of Maggie Gyllenhaal, was known in the industry as Jake Gyllenhaal’s comedically wise sister in the 2001 psychological thriller Donnie Darko. Her success, however, doesn’t stop there since she got her big break in starring in Steven Shainberg’s 2002 Secretary and the unforgettable billion-dollar blockbuster 2008’s The Dark Knight. 


On the other hand, Sarsgaard is an American film and stage director who’s been in the industry since 1995, appearing in his first feature role in Dead Man Walking. After his first few tastes of stardom, success never left him since he’d dominate in other independent movies such as Another Day in Paradise and Desert Blue. Aside from the dynamic synergy that the two have with regards to being a star power couple, both their success can attest to the degree of professionalism they both possess.

Mandy Moore & Taylor Goldsmith

Mandy Moore Net Worth: $14 Million

Taylor Goldsmith Net Worth: $10 Million

When you get both a singer and a musician in a relationship, not only will it be a sweet and adorable mix, but rest assured, the fun never stops since they’re both all so creative. It is the case with American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer Taylor Goldsmith and his lovely wife, the ever-so-talented singer-songwriter and actress, Mandy Moore. The couple boasts a staggering combined net worth of $24 million, which goes to show the degree of their success and fame in both their respective industries.

Amanda Moore, known as her stage name Mandy Moore, began working on her debut album after dropping out of high school. Reaching success at an early age of 15, she has toured with NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys themselves, both of which being big names of their era. On the other hand, Taylor Goldsmith is an equally successful music icon in the industry, even forming a post-punk band called Simon Dawes, then Middle Brother, to playing in a 2014 project, The New Basement Tapes.

Marie Osmond & Steve Craig

Marie Osmond Net Worth: $20 Million

Steve Craig Net Worth: $18 Million

If the love is true, then it’ll stay or find its way back always— and this is especially true with the next couple Marie Osmond and Steve Craig. Olive Marie Osmond, popularly known as Olive Osmond, is an American actress and singer with a whopping net worth of $20 million under her name. The Utah-raised lady debuted in the music industry with her album In My Little Corner of the World, which was positively received when it was released, giving credit to her long journey to stardom as a hit singer.

Of course, you really can’t have Osmond on this list without having her long-time partner, Steve Craig, out of the picture. Stephen Lyle Craig is an American production designer and a former basketball player for his college team who boasts a respectable $18 million net worth making this lovely couple insanely rich as well. Although the pair got divorced in 1985, the two love birds eventually found themselves back in each other’s arms in 2011—now that’s love.

Mark Ruffalo & Sunrise Coigney

Mark Ruffalo Net Worth: $35 Million

Sunrise Coigney Net Worth: $1 Million

Beloved as everybody’s favorite car-smashing, head-bashing, and rather dashing green Avenger, Mark Ruffalo and his lovely actress of a wife, Sunrise Coigney, make it in this list with an estimated $34 million of difference when it comes to net worth. Ruffalo’s early life was filled with hardship and struggles since he grew up with undiagnosed dyslexia and ADHD. The real tragedy, however, came when his brother was found lifeless in front of their house in 2008, never getting the needed justice until today.

The actor’s life would take a turn for the better when his acting career picked up in pace bagging him roles after roles in hit films from Zodiac, Now You See Me, and everyone’s favorite, The Avengers. Of course, his blessings didn’t stop there since he had his wife throughout the journey. Fellow actress Sunrise Coigney has been by Ruffalo’s side ever since 1998. In case you did not know, Coigney is an equally talented actress with the movies In the Cut and Campfire Stories under her name, exemplifying the wife’s professional degree in acting.

Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham

Mark Wahlberg Net Worth: $300 Million

Rhea Durham Net Worth: $20 Million

This next couple is arguably one of the hottest and wealthiest couples on this list since they’re both highly successful in their fields and profession. In the showbiz industry, couple success is a relationship goal on its own. The leading man in this relationship is no other than the hit American actor and producer, Mark Wahlberg, with a whopping $300 million net worth under his name. Wahlberg’s career debuted in the 1993 film The Substitute, followed by his lead movie break in the Renaissance Man back in 1994.

The actor’s success garnered the eyes of critics, and since then, his reputation in the film industry just kept skyrocketing. No other woman can match Wahlberg’s caliber but the beautiful and fiery Rhea Durham, an American fashion model whose net worth stands pretty at the $20 million mark. Durham’s a familiar face in various fashion magazines from French Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire. The couple’s success goes to show their tenacity and different degree of talent when it comes to their craft.

Mark Zuckerberg & Priscilla Chan

Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth: $104 Billion

Priscilla Chan Net Worth: $50 Billion

If you don’t know how much a billion is in real life, all you need to know is that’s a lot of money—and this couple has over 150 times of it. It’s nearly impossible not to know who Mark Zuckerberg is, but if you’re not familiar with the American technology entrepreneur, he’s the third richest person on the planet, and he’s the creator of Facebook. Standing by his side is his long-term wife and life-long partner, Priscilla Chan.

This couple is, without a doubt, one of the wealthiest duos on this list, with Zuckerberg having a $104 billion net worth while Priscilla is clocking at an insane net worth of $50 billion. While it’s evident that the two are ultra-rich, what most people don’t know is their charming meet-up story, which can be given credit to their life-long pairing now. Funnily enough, the couple met in line for a bathroom at a college frat party back in 2003, and then the rest is history.

Martin Lewis & Lara Lewington

Martin Lewis Net Worth: $178 Million

Lara Lewington Net Worth: $5 Million

English journalist and money-saving expert Martin Lewis is a legend deserving an article of his own, but someone of his degree of excellence can only be equaled by somebody such as Lara Lewington. Lewis’s early career started as Radio 4’s Today business editor, and then later became a reporter for BBC One and BBC Radios 4 and 5. On December 31, 1999, he left BBC to start a new chapter in his life as the “Money Saving Expert.”

Sticking true to his name, Lewis became Britain’s most trusted man when it comes to consumer finance advice, and his credibility shows with his estimated net worth clocking in at $178 million. Now, a king in this multimillion-pound empire needs a queen, and Lewis got just that. British television presenter and journalist Lara Lewington co-presents the BBC’s technology program Click. It seems like their relationship is a healthy and educating one considering both the lovers are annually increasing their net worth over time, with Lewington averaging at $1-5 million as of 2020.

Matt Damon & Luciana Barroso

Matt Damon Net Worth: $170 Million

Luciana Barroso Net Worth: $1 Million

Actor, producer, and screenwriter, with a net worth of $170 million— the list of what makes Matt Damon amazing seems like it’s getting longer and longer by the minute. Now, add “has an amazing wife” to that list, and you’re practically good to go. The Damon and Barroso couple makes it in this line-up when it comes to a difference in net worth, but the love between the two shows no signs of gap or distance at all.

The lovely pair’s love story can be given credit to Stuck on You since it was in this fateful filming where Damon met his Argentine wife, Luciana Barroso, back in 2003. After two long years of courting, the couple got engaged in September 2005 and tied the knot through a private civil ceremony down at the Manhattan Marriage Bureau on December 9 of the same year.

Matthew Broderick & Sarah Jessica Parker

Matthew Broderick Net Worth: $200 Million

Sarah Jessica Parker Net Worth: $150 Million

Known for his Golden Globe-nominated portrayal of Ferris Bueller in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Matthew Broderick is highly renowned in the show business industry. He has starred in multiple hit feature films, and box-office hits from The Lion King to 1998′s Godzilla, all of which are testaments to his completely different degree and skill in acting. To match someone of his caliber, Sarah Jessica Parker, who’s equally successful in acting, is fit to proudly stand by his side as his lawfully wedded wife.

The distinguished actress and producer is a two-time Emmy Award-winning actress, four-time Golden Globes-awardee, and three-time Screen Actors Guild Awards-winner. The amount of joy she’s brought to the entire world from her hit performances in SATC, Failure to Launch, and Did You Hear About the Morgans is something worth applauding. Clocking at an individual net worth of $200 million for Broderick and $150 million for Parker, it’s a no-brainer why this insanely cute couple made it in this list of rich celeb couples.

Maya Rudolph & Paul Thomas Anderson

Maya Rudolph Net Worth: $10 Million

Paul Thomas Anderson Net Worth: $70 Million

Both equally successful in their fields, power couple Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson are off to making a legacy of professionalism, prestige, and love in the film industry. Maya Khabira Rudolph is one of the most beloved comedians and actresses who first rose to international stardom for being a cast member of the hit television sitcom Saturday Night Live and quickly skyrocketed to fame as one of the show’s most popular performers.

With massive success flocking her way, she’s made a name for herself and a staggering net worth of $10 million. On the other hand, the auteur writer-director Paul Anderson can be given credit for giving the world There Will Be Blood, Magnolia, and Boogie Nights, to name a few. The esteemed director is highly decorated with eight academy nominations, five BAFTA Awards, and a Golden Globe award which goes to show how he’s made a net worth of $70 million.

Megan Rapinoe & Suzanne Brigit Bird

Megan Rapinoe Net Worth: $3 Million

Suzanne Brigit Bird Net Worth: $8 Million

A queen needs someone to rule her kingdom with, and in WNBA Queen Sue Bird’s case, it’s another equally talented and headstrong queen herself, Megan Rapinoe. Suzanne Brigit Bird, popularly known as Sue Bird, is one of the highest-paid players the Women’s NBA has as of 2020, currently with a net worth clocking at $8 million. The Israeli-American plays for the Seattle Storm and is regarded as one of the best female basketball players of all time, a testament to the different degree of skills that she showcases on the court.

Equally making waves in the sports industry is Bird’s fiery wife, Rapinoe. With a net worth of $3 million, Rapinoe has bagged multiple titles cups throughout her career playing for Team USA in the National Women’s Soccer League. The dashing pair started dating after their fateful meeting at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016, where, after a year of dating, they eventually got married on July 20, 2017.

Mel Gibson & Rosalind Ross

Mel Gibson Net Worth: $ 425 Million

Rosalind Ross Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Who would have thought that the extremely successful artist Mel Gibson would be a one-woman man? The famed Braveheart and The Passion of the Christ director was once married to Robyn Moore. The two tied the knot way back during the 1980s, and Moore bore seven children with him before deciding to part ways in 2011. From there, Gibson began to date other women until he finally met Rosalind Ross, a literature major who initially worked for production in one of his films.

Despite Gibson being 35 years older than his partner and not putting a ring on her finger just yet after years of being a couple, we still can’t deny how the love that they have for each other constantly radiates whenever we see them together. Ross, who is a gold medalist of the World Equestrian Games, made investments using her outstanding skills in the said sport and in her screenwriting career. Gibson, on the other hand, continues to produce and direct smash-hit films that would generate millions of dollars to keep his stardom intact.

Meryl Streep & Don Gummer

Meryl Streep Net Worth: $ 160 Million

Don Gummer Net Worth: $ 150 Million

After grieving the loss of her then-boyfriend and co-star John Cazale, Meryl Streep found love in American sculptor Don Gummer again. The two have been married for over four decades now, which is, in fact, a rare scenario for Hollywood royalties like her. We’re not complaining, though! We love seeing the actress with her spouse in celebrity events, with the man fully supporting the glamorous fame-filled life that his wife has chosen.

In their example, we can definitely say that true love is real and will find you after all! Streep and Gummer met way back in 1978 when the former was kicked out of her own apartment. The couple got married quickly, tying the knot only six months after they first met. In addition to both having earned a degree from Yale University, they eventually became renowned in their own fields, with Streep primarily known as one of the most multi-talented actresses in Hollywood and Gummer garnering prestigious awards for his visual artistry. Today, their combined net worth has approximately reached $150 million.

Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones

Michael Douglas Net Worth: $350 million

Catherine Zeta-Jones Net Worth: $150 Million

Despite their 25-year age gap, this doesn’t stop Michael Douglas and the stunning Catherine Zeta-Jones from expressing their love for each other. With the couple currently enjoying 20 years of marriage, Douglas, a renowned actor, and producer, found solace in Zeta-Jones way back in the late 1990s. They tied the knot in 2000– the same year when they both starred in Traffic. Among other movies, Douglas also starred in Wall Street, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Actor.

As for Zeta-Jones, who has astounded audiences in both Hollywood and Broadway, she has also earned several accolades like the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for Chicago and a Tony Award for Best Actress in a Musical for A Little Night Music. With both celebrities finding huge success in their own artistry, it’s a no-brainer that the pair would belong among the list of the richest celebrity couples, amassing a whopping $400 million as their combined net worth. With this amount of money, we can easily say that they must have the best home security system in town!

Michael J. Fox & Tracy Pollan

Michael J. Fox Net Worth: $65 Million

Tracy Pollan Net Worth: $2 Million

Michael J. Fox has been married to a fellow actress Tracy Jo Pollan since 1988. Amid the short-term romances in Hollywood, these two have managed to stay together for almost 33 years. They are the epitome of the vow “through sickness and in health” due to the 59-year-old’s health condition, but never consider it a big issue in their romance.

Why would they? With a combined $67 million of net worth in tow, they can surely afford to apply for the best medical insurance there is. How do they become this wealthy? Simple, we all know Fox as an iconic star in his own right. He is part of the popular culture, thanks to the fame and success of his most famous films, the Back to the Future trilogy. Pollan is also working in the entertainment industry and is best known for her role as Ellen Reed on the sitcom Family Ties.

Michael Jordan & Yvette Prieto

Michael Jordan Net Worth: $2.2 Billion

Yvette Prieto Net Worth: $5 Million

Michael Jordan has a lot to his name. He is not only a legendary basketball player but a successful product endorser and entrepreneur, too. Although he is already retired, he still managed to maintain his $2.2 billion fortune, thanks to his suitable investments. In fact, according to reports, he can earn a whopping $10 million a year just from his different business ventures and endorsements. This is even way bigger than what he used to make when he was still part of the NBA. For his Nike/Jordan royalties, Jordan gets $60 million annually.

Although this is dramatically bigger than the $5 million net worth of his wife, Yvette Prieto, at least, the latter has money of her own. The 41-year-old star is the Cuban-American model that captured Jordan’s heart. She is now best known as his second wife after they tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in Florida in 2013. Prieto and Jordan now share two kids, Ysabel and Victoria Jordan.

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka

Neil Patrick Harris Net Worth: $50 Million 

David Burtka Net Worth: $3 Million

Neil Patrick Harris has been in the business since the late ’80s, making him one of the most famous actors in Hollywood. He is also a producer, singer, and director, and these roles have helped him yield a staggering net worth of $50 million. What made him part of the millionaire group? Aside from his hard work, his long and successful career has something to do with it. He can easily conquer either the big or small screen—a versatile actor who can do drama and comedy roles at the same time.

What more can you ask for? Truly, his partner of almost seven years, David Burtka, is very content with their romance. As a fellow actor and professional chef, he has a $3 million fortune of his own. He also gets credit for being an entertainment news correspondent for E! News. Burtka and Harris met in 2004, and they had been inseparable ever since. They now have two kids, Harper Grace and Gideon Scott Burtka-Harris.

Nick Jonas &Priyanka Chopra

Nick Jonas Net Worth: $25 Million

Priyanka Chopra Net Worth: $50 Million

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are one of the wealthiest couples in the entertainment world. With a combined net worth of $75 million, what else can’t they do? It’s probably why they don’t mind spending on gas and driving or cruising to any place they want since they have the money to spend.

According to reports, Jonas has a net worth of $25 million as of 2019, while Chopra has a much higher one -$50 million. Known as the one-third of the Jonas Brothers band, he has had a lengthy Disney career and acting portfolio, not to mention a tequila brand – now wonder Jonas managed to be affluent. On the other hand, Chopra has a very successful Bollywood career that she successfully transitioned to Hollywood. She is also an actress and film producer that helped her to amass more of her fortune. These two tied the knot in 2018 but are yet to have a kid.

Oprah Winfrey & Stedman Graham

Oprah Winfrey Net Worth: $3.5 Billion

Stedman Graham Net Worth: $10 Million

Another billionaire on the list is Oprah Winfrey, and there are no questions about that. Known as a media mogul and the Queen of All Media, you probably know where she gets her riches—yup, through her highly lucrative media empire. With her hard work, Winfrey managed to get herself out of her impoverished situation.

She has been an inspiration to many even to her partner of almost 35 years, Stedman Graham. Although these two chose not to get married, they have remained to keep their romance strong. He is an author, speaker, and businessman, who has $10 million net worth to his name – a far cry from Winfrey’s $3.5 billion fortune, but that doesn’t matter. Winfrey and Graham opt to have a spiritual union instead of a marriage, and what’s more important is, the degree of happiness they share with each other.

Pat Sajak & Lesly Brown

Pat Sajak Net Worth: $70 Million

Lesly Brown Net Worth: $10 Million

Pat Sajak is famously known as a game show master. His most notable credit is as the host of Wheel Fortune, handling the show from 1981 until today. That is 40 years of hard work. Add to that his other professions as a former weatherman and an actor, no wonder he has amassed a net worth of $70 million. Today, he usually earns $15 million annually for a four-day taping per month, which equates to six shows a day.

On the other hand, his wife of almost 32 years Lesly Brown has a $10 million fortune. She is a known photographer, and according to reports, she appeared with Sajak on his game show for several special episodes. These two met in California in 1988, thanks to a mutual friend. Despite the 18-year age gap, they quickly hit it off, resulting in marriage in 1989. Sajak and Brown share two kids, Maggie and Patrick Michael James Sajak.

Pharrell Williams & Helen Lasichanh

Pharrell Williams Net Worth: $200 Million

Helen Lasichanh Net Worth: $5 Million

You may know Pharrell Williams as the man behind the big hits HappyBlurred LinesFrontin’, and more, but he is more than that. The 47-year-old star is an extremely successful songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur, making it no surprise that he is worth $200 million. Did you know that he co-designed glasses and jewelry for Louis Vuitton in 2008? Yep, he did, and he even collaborated with Takashi Murakami for a sculpture at Art Basel in 2009. Evidently, he knew where to put his investment money well.

On the other hand, his wife, Helen Lasichanh, is equally successful, too. She is a model and fashion designer with a $5 million fortune to her name. Williams and Lasichanh tied the knot in 2017 and were blessed with a child, Rocket Williams, in 2008. In 2017, more blessings came when Lasichanh gave birth to triplets, making them instant parents to four kids.

Phil Mickelson & Amy Mickelson

Phil Mickelson Net Worth: $400 Million (combined)

Amy Mickelson Net Worth: $400 Million (combined)

Phil Mickelson is an extraordinary talent in the sport of golf who belongs to the pantheon of the all-time greats. Indeed, he is one of the few players in the history of the sport to have won three of the four majors. At the peak of his career, he earns around $100 million, which is only surpassed by the great Tiger Woods himself. Amy Mickelson, on the other hand, was a former cheerleader for the NBA team Phoenix Suns.

They met in 1992 during their college years at Arizona State University, but it wasn’t until years later that they decided to level up their relationship. They finally tied the knot in 1996. They are blessed with three wonderful children, namely: Amanda, Sophia, and Evan. They are a remarkable family with an enormous fortune on their hands, as can be seen in their investments such as their $1.65 million mansion in La Jolla, California.

Pierce Brosnan & Keely Shaye Smith

Pierce Brosnan Net Worth: $200 Million

Keely Shaye Smith Net Worth: $100 Million

“The name is Bond, James Bond.” Perhaps there is no other character as sexy as James Bond and the actors who play him. Indeed, that is certainly the case with Pierce Brosnan who rose to international stardom for his sleek portrayal of the iconic character. The Irish actor has starred in four Bond movies, namely: GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough, and Die Another Day. His wife, Keely Shaye Smith, however, is just as iconic as he is, albeit in a totally different field of journalism.

They have been married since 2001, and they share two beautiful children. With such a massive fortune, it comes as no surprise, then, that they also own several investment properties all around the world. Among their numerous lavish properties are the $2.6 million abode in Malibu and a $2.4 million home in Santa Monica, California.

Rachael Ray & John M. Cusimano

Rachael Ray Net Worth: $100 Million

John Cusimano Net Worth: $10 Million

Rachael Ray is one of the most popular chefs and television personalities in America. Interestingly, although she is not officially a chef, she has become one of the most financially successful people in the culinary industry. Her various appearances in TV and cooking shows, as well as her bestselling cookbooks, have made her a household name in the industry. John Cusimano, on the other hand, is an accomplished actor and singer who is best known for being the lead singer of the band The Cringe.

Ray and Cusimano walked down the aisle in 2005 in the romantic setting of Tuscany, Italy. Together, they form one of the wealthiest couples in the entertainment industry. They own several investment properties, including their $2.6 million compound in Southampton, New York, and a $1.4 million apartment in the Union Square neighborhood of New York City.

Rachel Zoe and Rodger Berman

Rachel Zoe Net Worth: $16 Million

Rodger Berman Net Worth: $5 Million

Rachel Zoe is a renowned fashion stylist who is best known as a frequent patron of A-list celebrities as well as prominent fashion houses and beauty firms. With a glorious career spanning nearly two decades, Rachel has established herself as one of the most influential designers in the world of fashion. Some of her famous clients include Jennifer Garner, Kate Beckinsale, Demi Moore, Anne Hathaway, and Jennifer Lawrence, among many others. Her husband Rodger Berman is a successful businessman who became known as the president of Rachel Zoe Inc.

Berman has also earned his fortune as an investment banker during his younger years. As such, it’s safe to assume that his wife’s business is in good hands as he has proven himself capable in financial matters. What makes their love story even more interesting, however, is that they actually met when Berman was working as a waiter and Zoe was working as a waitress, which makes them a true rags-to-riches life story.

Randy Travis & Mary Travis

Randy Travis Net Worth: $9 Million (combined)

Mary Travis Net Worth: $9 Million (combined)

Randy Travis is a renowned country music singer who is widely regarded for influencing younger artists to return to the traditional sound of country music. He rose to international stardom when he signed with Warner Bros, and subsequently released his bestselling hit 1982, which hit the top 10 on the U.S. albums chart. Perhaps his most famous song is Forever and Ever, Amen. Mary Travis, however, is an ordinary housewife who stood by her husband throughout his troubled life.

They married two years after Travis’s debilitating stroke. It was an emotional ceremony. Fortunately, thanks to Mary’s loving care, Travis was able to recover and is now able to speak and walk again. We hope that he will be able to recover fully so that he can still share his wonderful talent with all of us. Given that they have a net worth of $9 million, and probably insurance, we’re glad that the couple won’t have to worry about expenses.

Reese Witherspoon & Jim Toth

Reese Witherspoon Net Worth: $200 Million

Jim Toth Net Worth: $4 Million

Reese Witherspoon is one of the most beloved and highest-paid actresses in Hollywood today, who easily earns around $20 to $40 million annually. She is best known for her numerous blockbuster films such as Pleasantville, Cruel Intentions, Vanity Fair, Walk the Line, and of course, the cult-favorite Legally Blonde, for which she won a Golden Globe for Best Actress. Her husband Jim Toth is also in the same industry as an entertainment executive and occasional actor.

They first met at a party, and by the following year, they got engaged. They tied the knot in 2011 and had their first child the following year. Since Witherspoon is one of the wealthiest celebrities around, it’s safe to assume that their family is living a pretty comfortable life. True enough, they are living lavishly in a $12.7 million mansion in the Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles.

Robert Downey Jr. & Susan Levin

Robert Downey Jr. Net Worth: $300 Million

Susan Levin Net Worth: $20 Million

It is an understatement to call Robert Downey Jr. a successful and popular actor, as he is easily one of the most recognizable actors on the planet today. It can even be argued that he has been the face of mainstream Hollywood cinema for the past decade. Indeed, ever since he played the credit role of Iron Man and his alter ego Tony Stark in the hit Marvel movie franchise, he has risen from the depths of troubled life to become the phenomenal star he is today. He is married to Susan Levin who is a prominent film producer with numerous blockbuster hits under her name.

They began dating in 2003 and became engaged in the same year. After getting married in 2005, they welcomed two wonderful children in their lives. Needless to say, their enormous fortune has allowed them to buy several lavish homes in Los Angeles, which includes a $13.44 million mansion in Malibu and a $4 million house in Santa Monica.

Robert Redford & Sibylle Szaggars

Robert Redford Net Worth: $200 Million

Sibylle Szaggars Net Worth: $2 Million

Robert Redford is a legendary actor, director, and producer who is best known for his iconic movies such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Sting, Ordinary People, and The Candidate. Moreover, he is the founder of the prestigious Sundance Film Festival, which celebrates independent films from all over the world. His wife Sibylle Szaggars is a renowned artist and painter who hails from Germany and relocated to the United States in the late ’80s.

They first met at the 1996 Sundance Film Festival, and soon after, they began dating which lasted for over 12 years until they finally tied the knot in 2009. Although they don’t have any children together, we’re quite sure they’re still enjoying life as they have a massive fortune that they can use to buy any luxury goods or lavish real estate they may fancy. Indeed, they are the proud owner of a sprawling mansion in St. Helena, California, which is worth around $7 million.

Robin Williams & Susan Schneider

Robin Williams Net Worth: $50 Million

Susan Schneider Net Worth: $800,000

Robin Williams was one of the most beloved comedians in the industry who was also known for his impressive dramatic chops. He first started his career as a stand-up comic, but he eventually starred in a string of commercially successful and critically acclaimed films such as Dead Poets Society, Hook, Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Good Will Hunting, for which he won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. His widow, Susan Schneider, is a graphic designer and artist. She’s also the founder of a graphic designing firm called Critical Eye Design.

They met at an Apple store in California in 2007. They dated for two years before finally tying the knot in 2011. Although they didn’t have any children, Schneider became a stepmother to three of Williams’s children from previous marriages. They used to live in a $7.25 million real estate when Williams was still alive.

Ron Howard & Cheryl Howard

Ron Howard Net Worth: $200 Million

Cheryl Howard Net Worth: $2 Million

Ron Howard is one of the most acclaimed film directors in the industry today. Although he first started as an actor, he achieved international recognition as a director. He is best known for directing a string of major films such as Splash, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Cinderella Man, The Da Vinci Code, In the Heart of the Sea, among many others. Cheryl Howard, on the other hand, is an accomplished writer who is also a frequent collaborator of his husband in his films.

Interestingly, Cheryl and Howard were high school lovers who dated for many years without breaking up. They finally tied the knot in 1975 and were blessed with four wonderful children, one of whom is Bryce Dallas who is a famous actress as well. They own a $5.6 million real estate in New York City’s exclusive Eldorado Building.

Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendez

Ryan Gosling Net Worth: $70 Million

Eva Mendez Net Worth: $20 Million

Ryan Gosling is not just a typical handsome actor, but he is also a very talented one who has shown an impressive flair for dramatic acting as seen in his films like The Notebook, Drive, Crazy, Stupid, Love, and La La Land. He has also garnered numerous awards and recognitions such as an Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations. His wife Eva Mendez is equally successful as an actress. She is best known for films like Training Day, Ghost Rider, and Hitch.

They began dating in 2011 on the set of their film The Place Beyond the Pines. The couple now has two beautiful daughters named Esmeralda and Amada who were born in 2014 and 2016, respectively. They also got married the year their second child was born. They used to live in a lavish investment property worth $1.2 million.

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively

Ryan Reynolds Net Worth: $150 Million

Blake Lively Net Worth: $30 Million

Ryan Reynolds is another Canadian actor on the list who is admired both for his good looks and impeccable acting skills. He is perhaps best known for his action and comedy films such as The Proposal, The Green Lantern, and Deadpool, among many others. His wife, Blake Lively, is just as successful and good-looking as he is. She is perhaps best known for her credit role in the hit television series Gossip Girl, but she has also made a name for herself in films such as The Town, New York, I Love You, The Age of Adaline, and Savage, among many others.

Together, they form one of the most beautiful power couples in Hollywood. They got married in 2012 and share three wonderful daughters. They live in a lavish mansion not too far away from New York City. The property costs them $5.7 million.

Sacha Baron Cohen & Isla Fisher

Sacha Baron Cohen Net Worth: $160 Million

Isla Fisher Net Worth: $15 Million

Sacha Baron Cohen is one of the most hilarious comedians in the industry who is best known for his daredevil publicity stunts featuring his created characters Ali G, Bruno Gehard, and Borat Sagdiyev. He has also earned numerous awards and recognitions including several MTV Movie Awards and a Golden Globe. His wife, Isla Fisher, is also an accomplished actress who rose to international stardom for her films Wedding Crashers, Confessions of a Shopaholic, The Great Gatsby, and Now You See Me.

They met in 2002 and were engaged for six years before finally tying the knot in 2010 in Paris. What makes their love story even more admirable is the fact that Fisher even converted to Judaism to marry the man she loves. They own several investment properties, including a $2.45 million mansion in Hollywood Hills and a $14 million lavish estate in Beverly Hills.

Sam Elliott & Katharine Juliet Ross

Sam Elliot Net Worth: $10 Million

Katharine Juliet Ross Net Worth: $6 Million

Sam Elliot is an actor who is best known for his credit roles in numerous major films such as Mask, The Quick and the Dead, Road House, and Ghost Rider. You might recognize him for his rangy physique, thick horseshoe mustache, and deep voice, all of which are considered to be his greatest assets. Katharine Juliet Ross is also an actress who was prominent in the industry from the early 1960s to the early 2000s. Her most famous projects include Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Graduate, and The Stepford Wives, among many others. With their successful careers, they were able to garner a combined net worth of $16 million.

In 1984, Elliott got married to Ross, with whom he has a daughter, Cleo, who is a professional musician in Malibu. Interestingly, although the two both appeared in the same movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, they did not actually meet until 1978.

Samuel L. Jackson & LaTanya Richardson Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson Net Worth: $250 Million

LaTanya Richardson Jackson Net Worth: $10 Million

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most iconic actors in Hollywood today. Indeed, the actor has appeared in over 150 films, most of which are blockbuster and critically acclaimed films such as Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained, and The Hateful Eight. However, his most iconic role to date is his credit role as Nick Fury in the hit Marvel movie franchise The Avengers. LaTanya Jackson, on the other hand, is an accomplished producer and actress who began her career in the 1980s.

They reportedly met while attending Morehouse College in Atlanta. They got married in 1980 and share a wonderful daughter named Zoe, who was born in 1982. What makes the Jackson family even more admirable, however, is that they are also active in charity as well. They are known to have donated millions of dollars to various charities around the world.

Sandra Bullock & Bryan Randall

Sandra Bullock Net Worth: $200 million

Bryan Randall Net Worth:  $500,000

Ask any of those who grew up in the 1990s who their favorite romantic-comedy actress is, and many would answer Sandra Bullock. She made quite a record by appearing in movies like Hope Floats and While You Were Sleeping. Realizing the value of having investments, she also founded her own production company, Fortis Films, which has produced some blockbusters like Miss Congeniality 2 and All About Steve.

The actress was married to Jesse James from 2005 to 2010, and currently, she is dating Bryan Randall, which has been going on for a few years now. The two have kept their relationship private for the most part, but we do know that Randall is an accomplished photographer. A friend had recommended Randall to take photos of Bullock’s son’s birthday party and they took a liking for each other. Date nights or a lazy day inside the house are among their favorite activities together—very romantic indeed!

Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Net Worth: $20 million

Freddie Prinze Jr. Net Worth:  $19 million


Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Sarah Michelle Gellar was quite prominent during the late 1990s to early 2000s. Appearing on the vampire series made her earn five Teen Choice Awards and a Saturn Award. She did more than Buffy, though, as she also appeared on The Grudge, Suburban Girl, and in the comedy series The Crazy Ones.

Of all those films, however, the actress would not forget the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer because that is where she met her future husband, Freddie Prinze Jr. Two years after that project, they started dating, and their first date was quite unexpected as three of them were supposed to hang out for dinner, but their friend backed out—perhaps on purpose? Prinze Jr. revealed that he liked how Gellar is a foodie and did not hold back when eating out with him. So, should we credit Gellar’s voracious appetite for their flourishing marriage?

Sean Connery & Micheline Roquebrune

Sean Connery Net Worth: $350 million

Micheline Roquebrune Net Worth:  $1 million

The James Bond franchise probably wouldn’t be as successful as it is today if it weren’t for the portrayal of the alluring and iconic Scottish actor named Sean Connery, who was arguably the best James Bond in history. He has garnered numerous accolades and recognitions, including an Academy Award, two BAFTA Awards, and three Golden Globes, among many others. He was even dubbed “The Sexiest Man of the Century” back in 1999 and no one could dispute that.

The actor has already passed on, but we will never forget his inspiring and passionate marriage to his lifelong partner, Micheline Roquebrune. The two had been married for a good 45 years. In a photo taken last May 6, 2020, the actor could be seen clasping his wife’s hands, showing the degree of devotion Connery had for his wife and vice versa. Roquebrune, a painter, recalls falling in love immediately after they met at a golf tournament in 1970.

Serena Williams & Alexis Kerry Ohanian

Serena Williams Net Worth: $225 million

Alexis Kerry Ohanian Net Worth:  $70 million

As a professional tennis player who is also the former number one in women’s singles tennis, Serena Williams keeps a very busy schedule and holds a lot of records. Some of her numerous trophies include 39 Grand Slam titles in singles, doubles, and even mixed doubles, which are the most awards won by any player in history. She turned pro in 1995 and has been making great numbers ever since.

What is inspiring is that her husband, Alexis Ohanian, is her biggest fan. The two got married in 2017, and since then, the Reddit co-founder has been seen in the various tennis bouts participated in by his wife. He would cheer her on like there is no tomorrow. For example, during the 2021 Australian Open, he wore a shirt that gives credit to Williams as the Greatest Female Athlete. Fans of the couple were quick to act on Twitter and asked Nike to release more of the design, which could be an excellent marketing strategy for the brand!

Seth Rogen & Lauren Miller

Seth Rogen Net Worth: $80 million

Lauren Miller Net Worth:  $2 million


Lauren Miller Rogen is an actress and director who is best known for her appearance in films like 50/50 and Superbad. She made her directorial debut with the film Like Father. She has made quite a lot of projects over the years. Meanwhile, her husband, Seth Rogen, is also a director and an actor. He was the lead actor in Knocked Up and played Steve Wozniak in the biopic, Steve Jobs. Miller has also appeared in a number of Rogen’s films.

What is interesting about the couple is how they met and fell in love. Did you know that a night of grilled cheese could actually lead to marriage? That is exactly what happened to the two. Rogen apparently had his eyes set on Miller since 2004 and when they met at a birthday party, the two enjoyed the night with grilled cheese and Spanish scrabble. They had their first date after that and on October 2, 2011, the two said their vows and put each other’s name on their insurance policies.

Shakira & Gerard Piqué

Shakira Net Worth: $300 million

Gerard Piqué Net Worth:  $50 million

When you are a top-rated singer with albums topping the Billboard Top Latin Albums, it means that you are in for the long-haul in the industry. Her fifth album Laundry Service propelled her fame as a leading crossover artist. Her boyfriend, Gerard Piqué, a Spanish football player is equally famous as he plays the center back for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team.

The two met in 2010 when the football player appeared on the music video of the song Waka Waka (This Time for Africa). A relationship blossomed which became official in 2011. What is interesting is that the two were born on the same day, February 2, but exactly 10 years apart. One benefit to this is they can practice money management skills by hosting just one party for both of them! Two children came out of this relationship and the family has taken up residence in Barcelona, where the children would grow up.

Shania Twain & Frédéric Thiébaud

Shania Twain Net Worth: $450 million

Frédéric Thiébaud Net Worth:  $3.5 million

If you want to know who among the female singers have sold the most records worldwide, look no further as Shania Twain is the answer. She started singing at a young age, and although her first album did not sell as expected, the rest of her albums did. The singer went on a hiatus after 2004 and only released another single in 2012. Twain is currently in the middle of her Vegas residency.

She married business executive Frédéric Thiébaud on New Year’s Day 2011 in Puerto Rico. The story of how they met was rather dramatic as they were both suffering from a broken heart over their previous relationships when they met. They were able to form a bond of a great degree over this and consoled each other, eventually falling in love. Both of them say they are survivors of a broken heart, and we believe that this served as the solid foundation for their relationship.

Sidney Poitier & Joanna Shimkus

Sidney Poitier Net Worth: $25 million

Joanna Shimkus Net Worth:  $1 million


At this time, Sidney Poitier holds the record of being the oldest and the earliest surviving Oscar winner for Best Actor. On top of being a successful actor, Poitier also is a retired Ambassador of Bahamas to Japan. He also served on the board of directors of The Walt Disney Company from 1995 to 2003. His wife, Joanna Shimkus, is a retired actress who made her film debut in the 1960s, just like Poitier.

The two have been married since 1976 and are still going strong after more than 40 years. Two daughters came out of the marriage, one of whom became popular as an actress, appearing in the TV show Veronica Mars. When they celebrated the patriarch’s 90th birthday in 2017, the whole clan was present, including the couple’s grandchildren.  We hope everyone in the family inherited the former ambassador’s good money management skills, considering his large savings in the bank.

Simon Cowell & Lauren Silverman

Simon Cowell Net Worth: $600 million

Lauren Silverman Net Worth:  $10 million

We know who Simon Cowell is, with his reputation preceding him. He is quite known as a very direct judge of various talent shows such as Pop Idol, America’s Got Talent, and American Idol. If a contestant ever makes him reach out for the golden buzzer or even give credit or praise, we know that the person did well. While others may look unfavorably upon Cowell, they should know that he is also human and falls in love like the rest of us.

His girlfriend, Laura Silverman, is a New York socialite. The two met in 2006, but it was not until 2013 that they made their relationship public. A child, which they named Eric, was born out of the relationship. When asked about whether they would have more babies, Silverman said that it was not up to her alone. Well, who knows? We might see more children being born and future Cowells who would be roaming the streets of Malibu.

Sissy Spacek & Jack Fisk

Sissy Spacek Net Worth: $15 million

Jack Fisk Net Worth:  $1.6 million

Everyone wants to be successful at what they do in life and Sissy Spacek achieved just that. Over the course of her long career in Hollywood, she has received multiple accolades, including an Oscar and three Golden Globes, among many others. This was achieved through hard work, despite her initial single becoming a failure in 1968. We can say the same for Spacek’s husband, Jack Fisk, who made his directorial debut in 1981, after being a quite popular production designer.

As expected, the two met while making the film Badlands in 1973. A romance blossomed resulting in a marriage in 1974 that was largely successful, having endured more than four decades of being together. One reason why the marriage lasted, according to Spacek, was them making investments in a farm, which allowed her to get away from the noise of the city.

Snoop Dogg & Shante Broadus

Snoop Dogg Net Worth: $150 million

Shante Broadus Net Worth:  $5 million

American rapper Snoop Dogg first became known in 1992 when he was featured on Dr. Dre’s solo single debut. His music career of almost 30 years is largely a commercial success, with chart-topping singles and albums across the hip-hop and reggae music genres. The singer has also ventured into acting and appeared in numerous films like The Wash, Half Baked, and Starsky & Hutch.

What many find interesting about the rapper’s love life is that he married his high school sweetheart, Shante Broadus twice. Their first marriage was from 1997 to 2004. Realizing they made a mistake having their lawyers process their separation, but they eventually got back together and renewed their vows in 2008. The marriage is not without its complications, but the two had always worked through difficulties, so we hope that they have a lasting friendship and marriage. After all, Snoop Dogg is described as a devoted dad to his four children.

Stephen Colbert & Evelyn McGee-Colbert

Stephen Colbert Net Worth: $75 million

Evelyn McGee-Colbert Net Worth:  $1 million

Did you know that Stephen Colbert initially wanted to become a film actor? He did but got more interested in comedy, and later on, hosting TV shows. The host is known for being the face of The Colbert Report and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. His reputation became so solid he was even invited to the White House as an entertainer during the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner in 2006.

His wife, Evelyn McGee, is a famous actress and producer known for Alpha House and The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. The actress is the daughter of prominent attorney and politician Joseph McGee. The two had been married since 1993 and have three children together.  Their first meeting at the Spoleto Festival in South Carolina paved the way for their long-lasting romance and marriage.  In an interview, Colbert revealed he knew she was the one the moment he laid eyes on her. Such a sweet man!

Steve Carrell & Nancy Carell

Steve Carrell Net Worth: $80 million

Nancy Carell Net Worth:  $400,000

The Office actor Steve Carell is quite the celebrity. He is multi-talented having served as the occasional producer, director, and actor for the series. Carell first gained recognition on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart as a correspondent from 1999 to 2005. His wife, Nancy Carell, is among the writers behind Saturday Night Live, The Office, and The Daily Show.

When Nancy was an improvisation student at Second City, Steve was her teacher, and that was where they had their first meeting.  They had been married since 1995 and had two children. Carrell, however, remembers their wedding day like it was yesterday. The weather was less than ideal then, it was 100 degrees and humid, but upon seeing his bride, the hot weather appeared to have tempered. He felt peace and calm when it dawned on him that this beautiful woman would be with him forever. Indeed, they are still together a quarter of a century later.

Steve Harvey & Marjorie Elaine Harvey

Steve Harvey Net Worth: $200 million

Marjorie Elaine Harvey Net Worth:  $50 million

Undoubtedly, Steve Harvey is one of the most famous TV hosts and comedians in the world. He is the host of Celebrity Family Feud and Family Feud, a job he had held since 2010. Before that, he was a comedian who has shifted to hosting. Harvey also founded Steve Harvey Global, which serves as the holding company for his various business ventures. We doubt he had to obtain any business loan to set up the company though.

The TV personality is married to Marjorie Harvey whom she met back in 1990. The 1980s and 1990s were when Harvey was still establishing his career. At one point he was even homeless, but Marjorie played a big role in making him the successful man he is today. While they met in 1990, the marriage happened only in 2007, as there were relationships in between. Their marriage now appears to be going strong and it looks like they are in for a long ride.

Steven Tyler & Aimee Preston

Steven Tyler Net Worth: $150 million

Aimee Preston Net Worth:  $600,000

Aerosmith would not have been the famous band it is today without its lead singer Steven Tyler, who is known for his high screams and wide vocal range when singing. Among the band’s best-selling albums include Rocks and Toys in the Attic. The rock singer is included on Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Greatest Singers. He is even inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Aimee Preston was once Steven Tyler’s assistant before she became his girlfriend. The 33-year-old and the singer met while the former was still working at the XIX. They are very private about their relationship so not much is known about them. Preston, however, is very active on social media. Tyler also does not hold back when showing his love for the actress, even planting a kiss on her on the night of the Grammys. Well, we can give both of them credit for keeping their relationship burning.

Sylvester Stallone & Jennifer Flavin

Sylvester Stallone Net Worth: $400 Million

Jennifer Flavin Net Worth: $10 Million

After being in the business for more than five decades, Sylvester Stallone surely has millions to his name. Indeed, for his work as an actor, director, producer, and screenwriter, the 74-year-old star now has a $400 million fortune. However, before he reached this status, Stallone used to be a struggling actor who probably had a lot of money loans.

Fortunately, he became one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood from the mid-’80s to the late ’90s. Though his popularity started to fade in the early 2000s, he bounced back to prominence when he did the sixth Rocky film. Without a doubt, his wife of 24 years, Jennifer Flavin, is proud of her husband’s achievements—although his wealth may not have enticed her. Flavin does not only have a name of her own but quite an immense fortune, too. As a former model and a current entrepreneur and business owner, she is worth $10 million.

Taraji Henson & Kelvin Hayden

Taraji P. Henson Net Worth: $25 Million

Kelvin Hayden Net Worth: $40 Million

Taraji P. Henson is undoubtedly one of the most talented actresses and singers in the industry today. She is widely regarded for her appearance in several television and film projects. Moreover, she is also an exceptional writer. Her autobiography, Around the Way Girl, has become a massive success after its release. What an incredible talent she got! She has managed to save a $25 million fortune to her name with all the things she does.

No wonder she got the attention of the former football cornerback Kelvin Hayden. These two were once a thing. As a known sports figure, the 37-year-old footballer has a $40 million net worth of his own. This couple should have been one of the wealthiest if only they didn’t split. Henson herself confirmed their breakup due to being on different paths to a certain degree.

Tim Allen & Jane Hajduk

Tim Allen Net Worth: $100 Million

Jane Hajduk Net Worth: $1.1 Million

As one of the most known comedy figures in the entertainment business, Tim Allen has made $100 million net worth. This amount is a result of his more than four-decade career, hard work, and perseverance. He has made a big name for himself through many film and TV roles he made. Tim is best known as The Toolman on the ABC series Home Improvement and Mike Baxgxter on another sitcom, called Last Man Standing.

These are just two of the many acting credits Tim has. Did you know he has a part in the Toy Story movie series as the voice behind Buzz Lightyear? Personal life-wise, Tim is a father of two kids, Elizabeth Allen Dick and Katherine Allen. He is now married to his second wife, Jane Hadjuk, who has a successful career of her own. She is also an actress, famously known as Researcher Taylor in the movie, Zoom, and has $1.1 million net worth to her name.

Tim Mcgraw & Faith Hill

Tim McGraw Net Worth: $85 Million

Faith Hill Net Worth: $80 Million

As two of the most famous country singers in the world, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill didn’t only make a big name for themselves but a considerable net worth, too. In fact, the pair has a combined fortune of $165 million. Tim started to enter the entertainment business in 1990. He has released 15 studio albums and ten of which have made it on the number one spot of the Top Country Albums charts. Twenty-five of his 65 songs also made it on the top of the Hot Country Songs or Country Airplay charts.

On the other hand, Faith has sold over 40 million albums worldwide. Her 1999 LP, Breathe, has become one of the best-selling country albums of all time and received three Grammy Awards. Faith and Tim are indeed up for more good things with these too many credits and their continuous hard work.

Tina Fey & Jeff Richmond

Tina Fey Net Worth: $75 Million

Jeff Richmond Net Worth: $3 Million

Tina Fey is your all-around funny woman, and she uses it for her own advantage. As a result, she has successfully made a massive name in the business. Tina is not just a comedian but also a writer and producer. Aside from acting, she made an incredible investment in producing the two best comedy series today, 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. No wonder she has made a fortune for herself, a whopping $75 million net worth.

It is even bigger than that of her husband, Jeff Richmond, who has a $3 million fortune to his name as a composer, actor, director, and producer. He even gave his wife a hand in directing and composing music for 30 Rock. Did Tina still pay him in cash or in-kind? Nobody knows for sure, but with the show’s success, the couple has undoubtedly brought home a considerable amount of money that may have added millions to their already significant net worth.

Tina Turner & Erwin Bach

Tina Turner Net Worth: $250 Million

Erwin Bach Net Worth: $50 Million

Do we still need to write a lengthy introduction about Tina Turner? As she has been in the business since the late ’50s and made a big name for it, even the youngsters of today know who she is. Well, she will never receive the title of being the Queen of Rock’ n’ Roll for nothing. Though she may have risen to prominence as the Ike & Tina Turner frontwoman, she became more famous when she went solo.

Luckily, her husband of almost eight years, Erwin Bach, is never intimidated by her fame. As a music executive himself, the 65-year-old knows how to work in the music scene and make the best investment planning here. No wonder they are both successful in this field. Tina has a vast net worth of her own, $250 million of it, while Erwin has a $50 million fortune to his name.

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks Net Worth: $400 Million

Rita Wilson Net Worth: $100 Million

With half a billion to their names, aren’t Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks one of the world’s wealthiest celebrity couples? It is no surprise that Tom has a $400 million fortune as one of the most famous, highest-regarded, and best-paid actors in Hollywood. His movies alone have grossed over $4.6 billion in the box office just in the US. In the world, it earned a staggering $9.7 billion. The famed actor is not only a millionaire; he is also the number one and most consistent bankable star. Aren’t you drowning yet with these numbers?

Alternatively, his wife has her own $100 million fortune, so she doesn’t need to depend on her husband. She has several acting credits to boast of and incredible acting and singing talent that she can be truly proud of. This proves how strong of a powerful couple Rita and Tom are.

Tom Selleck & Jillie Mack

Tom Selleck Net Worth: $45 Million

Jillie Mack Net Worth: $10 Million

As one of the most recognizable figures in Hollywood, Tom Selleck has made a vast fortune for himself. He started to be known in the business in the ’80s when he did the TV series Magnum, P.I., and his career continuously made noise until today. He is part of the long-running TV series Blue Bloods, playing the role of Frank Reagan. Did you know that for this role alone, Tom receives $200,000 per episode, totaling $5 million per season? His $45 million net worth is merely self-explanatory. With great talent like his, it really should be compensated.

Luckily, her wife, Jillie Mack, is as talented as him. She is an English actress herself and has a fortune of $10 million of her own. Jillie also has an acting credit from Magnum P.I. from 1984 to 1985, working alongside her husband. Aside from skyrocketing net worths, incredible talents, and overall beautiful life, Tom and Jillie also share one kid, Hannah Margaret Selleck.

Tommy Lee Jones & Dawn Laurel-Jones

Tommy Lee Jones Net Worth: $90 Million

Dawn Laurel-Jones Net Worth: $10 Million

You may often see Tommy Lee in a number of Western movies, but he has also made many other memorable films in his more than five-decade career. This makes the 74-year-old actor one of the most recognizable and versatile actors, so the number of awards he has received throughout his job is not surprising. Anyhow, he is maybe best known in the Men in Black film series, opposite Will Smith. With his work as an actor and film director, Tommy has made $90 million net worth, including the number of real estate investments he has made throughout the years.

You may consider his wife, Dawn Laurel-Jones, lucky, but she has made a good fortune of her own. She is worth $10 million, making them $100 million wealthy with their combined riches. This may be more than enough for Tommy and Dawn to enjoy their time together if they ever plan to retire from the business.

Viola Davis & Julius Tennon

Viola Davis Net Worth: $25 Million

Julius Tennon Net Worth: $7 Million

Viola Davis started as a successful theatre actress before transitioning to Hollywood and conquering the big and small screens. With the incredible degree of her acting talent, the 55-year-old star is the first African-American that received the Triple Crown of Acting. She is also part of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2012 and 2017. In addition, The New York Times included her on the list of The 25 Greatest Actors of the 21st Century. She also has a $25 million net worth to her name.

Surely, her husband of 18 years, Julius Tennon, is very proud of her wife’s achievements. Despite her fame, Julius has never been intimidated by Viola. As an actor and producer himself, best known for his Dazed and Confused project and more, he knows how it is to work in the entertainment field. He even has a $7 million fortune of his own, so why would he?

Warren Beatty & Annette Bening

Warren Beatty Net Worth: $70 Million

Annette Bening Net Worth: $70 Million

Warren Beatty and Annette Bening defy the meaning of Hollywood marriage. They have been married for almost 30 years. Aside from being a power couple, they are also equally iconic stars of Hollywood. Warren has been in the business since the late ’50s, while Annette has started in the ’80s. Throughout the course of their careers, they have made a number of successful TV and movie projects.

Who would ever forget Bonnie and ClydeReds, and Dick Tracy? For Annette’s part, she has been known on stage as the excellent theatre actress who played Lady Macbeth in 1984. They have made $140 million net worth with their $70 million each fortune, thanks to their hard work. Isn’t that incredible? The investments they have made in this business have yielded them extraordinary wealth and a love that lasts. After tying the knot in 1992, Annett and Warren are blessed with four beautiful kids, Stephen Ira, Ella, Benjamin, and Isabel Beatty.

Wesley Snipes & Nakyung Park

Wesley Snipes Net Worth: $10 Million

Nakhyung Park Net Worth: $500,000

Wesley Snipes is one of the best stars of the ’90s. Long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe started, he began portraying a Marvel Comics character, Blade, in the Blade trilogy movie. Though he had been gone in the limelight for a short while, the beloved star made it big when he returned in The Expendables 3. The days when Wesley is still the talk of the town are maybe gone, but he still manages to save himself a good fortune of $10 million. In addition, with the right investment money in tow, Wesley has successfully established a production company for film and TV projects of his own. In case fans don’t know, he is also an author.

His wife, Nakhyung Park, too, has a $500,000 net worth of her own through her work as a painter, skincare special, and makeup artist. Together, Wesley and Nakhyung remain to be affluent.

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett-Smith

Will Smith Net Worth: $350 Million

Jada Pinkett-Smith Net Worth: $50 Million

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are widely regarded as one of the wealthiest couples in the entertainment scene. With their combined net worth of $400 million, we can evidently see why. Jada found success as an actress, producer, director, singer, author, and businesswoman, giving her a fortune of $50 million.

On the other hand, Will’s $350 million net worth comes from his great acting talent and for producing films. He is one of the most bankable stars, grossing more than $100 million in the US alone and $150 million worldwide for his eight consecutive films. This feat even earned him a box office record. The 52-year-old star also gets the credits for being the powerful actor in Hollywood and a social media superstar for his millions of followers on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. If you want to talk about success and be inspired by others’ works, you just have to look for Will and Jada’s riches.