The Priciest Things Owned By Famous People

Celebrities really know how to live it up. They spare no expense when it comes to getting what they want. They have their talents and good looks to thank for the luxurious life that they live. Though some do live humbler lifestyles, there are those who aren’t shy about showing off the money they have earned. Celebs can easily shell out thousands or even millions for the assets they have. This is a roundup of the most luxurious things the rich and famous have hanging around in their garages, closets, and houses. They are truly living the dream with all the opulence that goes on in their lives. Being around what’s expensive and flashy is pretty much the norm for these lucky people. Some celebrities are proud owners of the world’s coolest collections of rare cars. There are also those who put most of their investments toward designer gear, to make sure they’re always looking their best. Curious about what else pricey things they own? Read on to find out!

The Most Expensive Engagement Ring

Mariah Carey gets the rare credit of having received one of the priciest engagement rings for a celebrity. The piece is valued at 35 carats and is bejeweled with diamonds and emeralds. The ring was created by Wilfredo Rosado and had been a present from her former fiancé James Packer, who also happens to be a famous billionaire. If you’re wondering just how much a ring like this would cost, it was priced at $10 million at the time. A fitting gift for the expensive diva. The creator of the piece wanted to make something that represents new beginnings, while remaining stylish. The gorgeous piece given presented to Mariah back in January 2016 and though their relationship has since ended, this was certainly a memorable gift.

The Most Expensive Car

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason made a big investment to acquire his favorite car. The musician shelled out a whopping $25 million to avail of the popular Ferrari 250 GTO. The classic car is still one of Ferrari’s most popular models currently available in the market, thanks to its timeless design and modern features. Mason is also the proud owner of numerous Ferraris, which he puts on display during the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Most of his vehicles all have racing backgrounds, like his Ferrari 312 T3 and Porsche 962. One of the cars from his collection was even dubbed as the greatest racing car on the planet. This musical genius has a need for speed and has been an avid collector for decades.

The Most Expensive Remote Control

Rapper and recording artist The Game shelled out a lot of money to buy a diamond studded remote control car as a gift for his son, which retailed at $100,000. It was jeweler, Richie Netalov, who made sure every bit of the vehicle had been covered with it. Aside from the diamonds, the RC car was also modeled after one of the world’s most famous sports cars. Despite its tiny scale, the remote control Bentley GT comes with impressive realistic specs. In fact, it also includes modern suspension and functioning headlights. This is an ideal present for kids, but do prepare yourself for the cost and the possibility of it getting damaged to a certain degree. It is a toy, after all.

The Most Expensive Yacht

Russian business mogul Roman Abramovich is the proud owner of the world’s priciest superyacht, Eclipse. It has been reported that his yacht is priced anywhere from $600 million to $1.5 billion. The yacht’s exterior was crafted in Germany while the interiors, layouts, and overall design were managed by Terence Tisdale Design. The owner of the super boat has a net worth of $11.5 billion so it’s not too surprising that he managed to acquire such a massive purchase. The Eclipse even once held the record for being the biggest private superyacht. This lavish investment, however, caused quite a stir in the media after it was purchased. After all, a billion dollar seacraft isn’t often heard of—even among some of the world’s richest.

The Most Expensive Diamond Grills

American rapper, record producer and businessman Bryan Williams, who also goes by the name “Birdman”, is quite well-known for his lavish lifestyle. This big spender doesn’t shy away from big purchases, including luxurious cars and houses. It surprised many, however, when he bought $500,000 grills for his teeth. Sounds like a costly set of dental accessories, right? Well, his flashy and very expensive smile has become part of his trademark, so we’re thinking that it was worth the money. These grills were covered in diamonds, which matches his onstage and offstage persona. As the chief executive officer of Cash Money, Birdman can certainly afford all these major purchases without needing to worry about the effect it might have on his credit report.

The Most Expensive House

Bill Gates’ majestic property in Washington is given credit for being one of the priciest houses on the planet. The compound is reportedly priced at a whopping $131 million and is packed with the latest features that technology has to offer. This is just the basic set-up for Bill Gates, however. We’re sure even his home security system is far more advanced that most other houses in the same neighborhood.

Other innovations that can be found in his home includes the ability for visitors to adjust the temperature and lightning around the house through a central system. Aside from technology, the home is also adorned with many beautiful artwork. The property strikes a good balance between all things natural and modern. On top of that, it also has an amazing view of Lake Washington.

The Most Expensive Leather Jacket

The leather jacket that Michael Jackson wore for the music video of Thriller is given credit as the priciest leather jacket in the world. The iconic piece sold for $1.8 million to Milton Verret. The purchase was made through Julien’s Auctions, a company based in California that specializes in objects previously owned by celebrities.

The King of Pop first wore the famous red jacket for his hit music video back in 1983. John Landis was the video’s director and his wife, Deborah Nadoolman Lansid, was in charge of coming up with the design for the jacket. We bet you can easily recall what it looks like—that’s how memorable the piece is. Since its first appearance, the jacket has inspired numerous fashion trends.

The Most Expensive Wedding

It would come as no surprise that the most expensive wedding in the world belongs to Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana. Not only was this momentous occasion covered by media from all over the world, it cost a dizzying $110 million. Whew. This degree of luxury is something that is only afforded to members of nobility, after all. One of the wedding’s highlights was Lady Diana’s gorgeous gown, which came with a 25-foot train. Real pearls and expensive lace adorned the awe-inspiring creation.

Then there was the carriages that ferried the bride and groom, along with the guests. It was attended by the royals, dignitaries, and even celebrities. It truly set the standard for other high-profile weddings that followed.

The Most Expensive Footwear

Stuart Weitzman is the man behind some of the most beautiful footwear in the world. He is also no stranger to creating very indulgent masterpieces. After all, he created the infamous Two Million Dollar Shoe, which was inspired by Cinderella’s glass slippers. That’s not the only expensive pair the designer has released, however. There’s also the Rita Hayworth heel, which was priced at $3 million.

This one-of-a-kind shoe featured various precious stones like sapphires, rubies, and diamonds. It was inspired by a pair of earrings that Rita Hayworth once wore. However, even if you have the investment money and can afford this gorgeous pair of heels, you’re out of luck. They currently belong to Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, the late actress’ daughter.

The Most Expensive Bike

Brad Pitt is known to be a huge fan of motorbikes. Pitt went all out by splurging on a sidecar motorbike from World War II for £250,000. The bike is pricey since it underwent a tedious restoration process to bring it back to its former glory. Getting one is difficult enough, but to find a piece that isn’t completely damaged is certainly very lucky.

While there are newer and sleeker models, nothing beats the history attached to Pitt’s purchase. No wonder he didn’t even hesitate on dropping a significant amount of investment money on it! Pitt’s bike was utilized by the Nazis during their operations on Crete Island in Greece back in 1943. He bought the item from a surplus auction for military memorabilia.

The Most Expensive Watch

Former professional boxing champ Floyd Mayweather is known for his opulent lifestyle and isn’t one to shy away from luxury. The athlete often shares his love of jewels on his social media accounts, for one. His wealth is a hard-earned one, after all, so we’re not too surprised that he spoils himself to this degree. Among his high-ticket purchases is the infamous Jacob & Co.’s Billionaire diamond tourbillon timepiece, which retails at a whopping $18 million.

It made its debut back in 2015 at Baselworld. Jeweler Jacob Arabo is the man behind this expensive wrist candy. It comes with over two hundred carats of emeralds and cut diamonds. The 18-karat white gold casing and bracelet are also covered with precious stones, which weigh approximately three carats individually.

The Most Expensive Bathtub

Mike Tyson is not only known for his boxing prowess, he is also known for his lavish spending habits. Back in the day, Tyson was a huge spender and shelled out $2.2 million for a 24-karat gold bathtub. As Mike Tyson’s prominence grew bigger, his bank account started growing too. He really went all out and reportedly did not hesitate when it comes to treating himself and his loved ones. Such is the case with this very expensive bathtub. Aside from it, he was also known to have indulged in other luxuries such as jewelry and fancy wheels. The boxing champ even got himself pet tigers! He gained a reputation for hosting very lavish parties during his heyday—much to the chagrin of his financial advisor, we’re sure.

The Most Expensive Piano

Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe used to own a white-lacquered baby grand piano, which was manufactured in the early 20th century. The piano was surprise gift for the actress and she used it for her piano lessons. Reports suggest that the icon loved the baby grand and considered it of great importance. After her passing, it was auctioned by Christie’s in 1999. You’ll never guess who bought the piano for close to a million!

Mariah Carey had the winning bid, which reached a dizzying $662,500. From one iconic persona to another, it only seems fitting for Mariah to “inherit” one of Monroe’s most prized possessions. We sure hope that the diva has ample home security to protect this piece of Hollywood history!

The Most Expensive Jet

Donald Trump purchased a Boeing 757-200 that was once owned by Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen. The expensive jet is completely decked out with all the basics and a few other luxuries that he might need during a trip. Trump revamped his jet by adding washrooms that were made of real gold. This might seem like an unnecessary indulgence, but Trump does have a reputation for very indulgent purchases.

Aside from the washrooms, he also made investments in comfort. The interior is furnished with leather and the seatbelts are gold plated. Did we mention that there are lamps made out of crystals? Given every bit of customization that he has done to it, the jet is currently valued at an estimated $100 million.

The Most Expensive Leggings

It is only natural for a talented diva-like Beyoncé to spend a lot on a pair of designer leggings, which are made of gold and also happens to have a retail value of $100,000. French fashion house Balenciaga gets credit for this particularly lavish pair. Reports suggest that the singer bought the leggings for a special TV appearance. While stage costumes need to be eye-catching, we still cannot imagine dropping such a huge amount of money on leggings.

Nevertheless, the designer leggings did do its job. Aside from making her look gorgeous while performing at the BET Awards back in 2007, it also became a hot topic for the media. These leggings are nothing compared to all the other items she has worn since, however!

The Most Expensive Pet

Owning an octopus may sound weird to some, but many people actually keep them as pets. Such is the case with actor Nicolas Cage. His beloved pet was bought for $150,000, which doesn’t include the investment money he also puts into its upkeep and care. Aside from being unique, octopuses are also known to be very intelligent. While their owners cannot cuddle up to them, they can be soothing to watch and interesting to interact with.

Since octopi are also independent, we’re sure the busy actor appreciates the fact that he doesn’t need to look after his pet all the time. We can picture these two creatures just hanging out and learning more about each other in the process. Cool, right?

The Most Expensive Comic Book Collection

While some people purchase expensive watches or designer shoes, Nicolas Cage has proven that his tastes are just slightly different from the rest. Aside from getting an octopus for a pet, he also used to have an expensive comic book collection. Did you know that his son’s name is a reference to the Superman comics?

Cage is also no stranger to starring in comic book adaptations. Remember Ghost Rider? He has even written his own comic book series called Voodoo Child. As for his collection, it was reportedly valued at $1.68 million before it got sold at an auction. There were no details about the titles that comprised it, but it was worth the extra bit of home security he had.

 The Most Expensive Dog House

One of the most respected architects in the United Kingdom must have had a grand time designing the most expensive dog house in the world. The well-deserving pooches were gifted with a “puppy palace”, which was paid for by their owner. The amazing creation was said to have been priced at $400,000, which makes us wonder if the Gloucestershire doctor who commissioned it needed loans to finance the project. Pet owners do love pampering their furry friends, right?

The Great Danes would be able to relax in their individual bedrooms and enjoy the luxurious temperature-controlled beds. Aside from being roomy enough for the two big dogs to run around, it is also equipped with a stereo system and a doggy spa!

The Most Expensive Hair Extensions

Actress, singer, and mega performer Miley Cyrus is known for her wonderful presence on stage. People admire her style and public persona, too. She made a fortune from her fruitful career as an actress and singer. Perhaps this is why spending $24,000 on hair extensions isn’t much of a big deal for her. The purchase may have been expensive, but the results do equal its price.

While stars like Miley Cyrus can easily afford these beauty products and get a significant return for it, most of us should think twice before dropping the same amount for extensions. In fact, it wouldn’t hurt to check your credit report to see if you can actually afford one! Beauty shouldn’t lead to bankruptcy, after all.

Most Expensive Humidifier

Award-winning singer Celine Dion had a multi-million dollar residency at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for a few years. During this time, she made sure to take extra measures to care for her voice and appearance. As a world-renowned singer, it is only natural for Dion to consider even the finer details of her performances. This includes the things that aren’t readily seen by the audience.

This is why it didn’t surprise many to learn that she had a $2 million humidifier installed on the stage she performed in. It may seem indulgent, but we’re sure it helped her deliver top notch performances each time. Every show can bring in millions, so even this investment is a small price considering the returns!

Most Expensive Phone

Former Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham made her mark in the world of tech by commissioning a $33,000 handmade golden iPhone from designer Stuart Hughes. The pricey iPhone was made with 24-karat gold and weighed 150 grams. She carried this glamorous gadget throughout 2011, setting a trend for other celebs to follow. Posh Spice definitely displayed a whole new degree of opulence with this purchase, but tabloids speculated that it was actually present from David Beckham.

Thanks to her ingenious idea even Stuart Hughes gained a following among the rich and famous. Victoria Beckham’s ability to set trends can’t be denied, but who knew she could become a successful starmaker as well? We wonder what Hughes and Beckham might come up with next!

Most Expensive Hotel

Business tycoon Larry Ellison is the owner of Hawaii’s Four Seasons Lanai. He is also Oracle’s founder and CEO. The beautiful Four Seasons is given credit for being one of the most expensive hotels in the world. Ellison acquired 88,000 acres and 140 square miles of the island for a whopping $300 million. Hawaii is gorgeous enough by itself, but the hotel certainly enhances the natural beauty of its surroundings. Not only is it filled with lush flora, but the amenities are also top-notch. Did you know that this was where Bill and Melinda Gates got married? Aside from the power couple, many celebrities have also been spotted here. You might find the likes of Jessica Alba or even Will Smith while on vacation!

The Most Expensive Journal

Did you have a journal when you were younger? While it must have been very important to you, that journal might never reach the same value as the Codex Leicester. This extremely rare item was bought by Bill Gates back in 1994 for a dizzying $30 million! It is known to be one of the priciest books out in the market and also one of the most sought-after.

What exactly is the Codex Leicester? It has seventy-two pages and includes Da Vinci’s drafts related to arithmetic, biology, astronomy, and design. It was written between the years 1506 and 1510. Can you imagine owning something like this? Given the degree of brilliance they share, we’re not surprised that Bill Gates wanted this for himself.

The Most Expensive Painting

The older some things are, the pricier they can get. Of course, this does not apply to everything. We’re talking about important documents and pieces of art made by famous hands. Such is the case with the Salvator Mundi, a painting that was auctioned out by Christie’s for $450 million. Aside from fetching the highest price for a painting ever bought at an auction, the six-hundred-year-old masterpiece has quite the history attached to it.

It is said to have been commissioned by King Louis XII. It was then passed on to England’s King Charles I. It was considered lost for quite some time, then it resurfaced during the 20th century. It was owned by Dmitry Rybolovlev before it was sold.

The Most Expensive Pants

Sure, designer pants can cost a pretty penny but what about one that has appeared in an iconic movie before? Well, we can ask Sara Blakely about this one. You might know her as the brains behind the popular brand Spanx. The successful entrepreneur has a piece of clothing in her collection that is uniquely her own. She was able to purchase the black satin pants worn by Olivia Newton-John in the film Grease!

Blakely disclosed that she was a huge fan of Newton-John when she was younger. So when friends informed her that the pants were being auctioned off, she grabbed the chance and put in the investment. Aside from the pants, Blakely also got her hands on the iconic Pink Ladies jacket from the film.

The Most Expensive Fish Pond

Former Atlanta Falcons star Michael Vick is not only famous for his skills on the field, he is also known for his lavish spending habits. Vick even once spent $3.62 million on a shopping spree! This isn’t too surprising since he did earn millions during his career. The football star was able to acquire real estate, jewelry, and even made business investments with the money that he earned. Of course, like others on our list, he has his fair share of expensive indulgences.

Designer clothes? Expensive holidays? Not quite. What he bought was a very expensive fish pond that is worth $85,000. While not much else is known about the pond, it does make you wonder exactly what kind of fishes would be living in it.

The Most Expensive Mattress

Drake has a penchant for luxurious things, among other investments. He was even featured in Architectural Digest and made it on the cover page. The recording artist recently provided his fans with a look into his huge mansion in Canada. Through the interview, he was able to show off lavish features like a chandelier made of Swarovski crystals. The house also has a studio where he produces his music. Of course, the highlight was the master’s bedroom. There, he proudly talked about owning the Grand Vividus—one of the most expensive mattresses in the world that has a price tag of $395,000. The company that produces the mattress is a favorite among celebrities and we can totally see why! It really is opulent.

The Most Expensive Barbie

Being the child of a celebrity obviously has its perks and Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue Ivy is definitely living the life. For her first birthday, she received a Barbie doll that was adorned with diamonds. The toy was valued at $80,000 and had been custom-made for her. It came with more than a hundred precious stones and had white gold accents. Was this a necessary investment? While it does seem too luxurious for a girl her age, it does reflect the amount of love her parents have for her.

Besides, it could also serve as an heirloom because we’re sure this doll would increase in value over time. It’s just one of the many little things that the power couple have showered their beautiful daughter with.

The Most Expensive Sonogram

Actor Tom Cruise had been so excited to watch the growth of his daughter Suri that he actually did something very unexpected. He went all out and bought a sonogram machine with a retail value of $20,000. With it, Tom and Katie were able to follow Suri’s growth even while she was still in her mother’s womb. We imagine it must have been a very touch experience for both of them.

While some might find this strange, we’re sure they weren’t the only ones who have done it. The purchase did receive a bit of negative feedback from those in the medical community, but rest assured that this investment did not go to waste. It was donated to a hospital after Suri was born.

The Most Expensive Hat

What is the most expensive hat? If you’re thinking it must be designer-made, well you’ve got it wrong. You might be surprised to know that the Pope’s “hat” or tiara is the most expensive in the world. Not because of the holy head it rests upon, but because of the fact that it is adorned with a multitude of precious jewels. This degree of opulence costs $10 million.

The hat can be usually spotted during very special ceremonies, but when John Paul I became pope, he stopped using it altogether. It is a very strong statement towards humility since the tiara can be misinterpreted as a symbol of luxury. Since then, it has been on display at the National Basilica of the Immaculate Conception.

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