88 Celebrity Birth Names You Don’t Know About

Janet Jackson | Janet Damita Jo Jackson

Janet Jackson is a famous American pop singer and actor. Surely, you know Janet Jackson as a member of the famous family, the Jacksons. She is the youngest member of the family. In addition, Janet Jackson is the sister of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, and collaborated in the song, Scream. Janet Jackson is good at songs and dancing, she is recognized as the best dancing female artist in the European and American music circles.

But did you know her real name is Janet Damita Jo Jackson? Although it is not far from the screen name she is using, it is quite too long. Aside from being a part of the Jackson family, Janet has successfully made a name for herself. Just like her brother, she is an integral part of popular culture as well as the music scene. She is known for her innovative, socially conscious, and provocative songs, not to mention elaborate stage shows. In addition to being a singer-songwriter, she also has movie credits.