The Bane Of Healthy Living: Foods And Drinks That Can Destroy Your Diet

Everyone has hobbies and interests that can differ from one person to another. However, if there is one interest that people strongly share, it would be their concern for their health and overall well-being. Because of this concern, many people would spend a few points off their credit cards for a gym or fitness center’s services and probably try a healthy diet while they’re at it. Well, for those going for a new and healthier way of living, perhaps this article may be useful to you. Now, let’s talk about a few foods and drinks you should be wary of throughout your diet.

Ice Cream

First on the list is everyone’s favorite dessert, ice cream. Although ice cream is a very nice snack to partake, especially under the high-degree temperatures of summer, eating too much of it can be very unhealthy. A healthier alternative to this would be full-fat yogurts, or you could even try making your own ice cream recipe.


Cookies, Cakes, And Pastries

Besides ice cream, some people also love to have either cookies, cakes, or other pastries as snacks. However, some of these tasty treats, especially those that are packaged, often contain some trans-fat. This ingredient, trans-fat, can be very harmful to consumers and is linked to more than a few diseases. Although eating a few of these snacks is okay, it’s perhaps best for everyone to check their ingredients and nutritional facts before swiping their credit cards at the cash register.


More often than not, almost everyone enjoys having a nice slice of pizza. After all, one slice is quite similar to having a hearty meal, thanks to the variety of toppings placed on the pizza. Unfortunately, many commercially made pizzas often have unhealthy ingredients like processed meat and highly refined flour. For a safer alternative, perhaps it’s high time to allocate some investment money on ingredients for your very own home-made pizza and even develop your baking skills along the way.


Candy Bars

Almost everyone is busy with different things. For most of the week, people are often occupied with things like work, household chores, and online classes. Because of this time constraint, people often resort to small snacks between shifts instead of a full meal. One of these quick snacks includes candy bars. After all, they’re small treats filled with sugar, which can sometimes be a good pick-me-up when a person is tired. On the other hand, candy bars are packed with calories – eating too many candy bars can undoubtedly destroy any ongoing weight-loss diet. So, if you’re ever craving a little snack, a fruit or a bowl of nuts is undoubtedly the better choice.


Over the years, sodas have always been a part of everyone’s meal in one way or another. Drinking sodas and other sugary drinks occasionally are perfectly fine. But once they’re taken too frequently, sodas can deal a huge amount of damage to a person’s health to the degree that it could even accelerate the aging process at an exponential rate. Goes to show that most things are ideally taken in moderation – or removed from one’s diet entirely.


More often than not, coffee is to people as what gas is to vehicles. Coffee is perhaps the most popular drink that people take to get pumped and ready for the day. And for each person, they often prefer to take their coffee in a variety of ways, like with sugar, milk, or simply as is. Although many cafes serve different types of coffee, this beverage is best drank on its own. Adding other ingredients to coffee tends to increase its calories, making it no better than the typical soda. So, especially if you’re planning to lose some weight, perhaps it’s best to take your coffee purely as it is.

If you’re planning on making investments towards a better way of living, best be wary of these foods and drinks. Though you can take some of them in moderation, it’s still a nice assurance to know that you’re slowly transitioning to a better and healthier lifestyle.