Satisfy Your Taste Buds With These Immunity-Boosting Foods

Ensuring one’s health and well-being is, undoubtedly, the best investment people can ever make for themselves. Throughout our lives, we’re often encouraged to eat healthy meals to get our daily boost of vitamins and nutrients. Partaking in healthier meals not only makes us feel good, but the health benefits it provides our bodies will also follow us even in the long run – safe to say that even our future selves will be pleased with us following a healthier diet. So, if you’re interested in providing what’s best for yourself, let’s talk about some foods and ingredients that can surely boost your body’s immunity.


Most, if not all, of today’s edible mushrooms are full of the necessary components the body needs to boost its immunity. Mushrooms contain high levels of selenium and B vitamins like niacin and riboflavin, which are essential components to ensuring your immune system works 101%. Besides its great health benefits, mushrooms are also tasty meals on their own and are also good ingredients for meals like omelets, soups, salads, and lasagna. Goes to show that spending a few points off your credit card for some mushrooms can go a long way, thanks to the fact that they can be paired with almost every meal.


Yes, even oysters contain a world full of vitamins and minerals within them. This tasty and nutritional treat from the sea includes high quantities of iron, vitamin C and A, iron, zinc, and protein while having a low amount of calories – sounds like a fair trade. Besides the usual way of serving them raw or steamed, oysters can also be stewed, grilled, and scalloped. Well, one thing’s for sure, those who partake on some nice oysters will undoubtedly be given credit by their immune systems.

Wheat Germ

For most of our life, we are often told to keep our bodies clean of germs. Well, for this one, our body may want to give it an exception. Wheat is one of the most well-known crops used in a variety of meals, like cereals, pasta, and pastries. However, the nutritional contents of wheat germ, the innermost part of the wheat kernel, far surpasses the other parts. When wheat germ is used as a key ingredient in recipes, it can increase the recipe’s nutritional value to a whole new degree of healthy. And to make it even better, wheat germ can also be used on various meals, like a breadcrumb replacement for meatballs, and even as toppings for your favorite desserts.


Out of all the healthy foods and ingredients that everyone can put their hands on, spinach arguably takes credit for being one of the most beneficial to the body. Spinaches contain incredibly high contents of fiber, iron, magnesium, and vitamins A and C. Although they won’t make your muscles expand like Popeye the Sailor Man, eating spinach can provide your body with nutrients that can help in the DNA repair and cell division processes – so you’ll still be just as strong as the well-loved sailor, nonetheless. And to enjoy the most out of the spinach’s health benefits, it is best consumed raw or lightly cooked. Besides consuming it on its own, spinaches can also be enjoyed with an artichoke dip, cheese-stuffed pasta shells, garlic sautéed, and even as part of yummy lasagna.


Besides the already mentioned foods and ingredients, there are still plenty of consumables that can satisfy your health needs, like tea, low-fat yogurt, and watermelons. A healthy way of living provides a wide variety of benefits to our lives, physically and even mentally. And unlike other things, following a healthier habit and diet is a lifelong investment that provides the person with a plethora of health benefits along the way. Well, hopefully, this article encouraged you to follow and maintain a healthy lifestyle. After all, how can we enjoy our lives if our body isn’t up to par with engaging our favorite hobbies and activities?