Revamp Your Mindset, Upgrade Your Life

Just like your physical health, mental health is also an investment that we all ought to make. As we take proper steps like drinking medicine and getting enough rest when we don’t feel well, there are also essential things to do to improve our mindset and emotional state. If you understand that proper diet and nutrition is going to help you stay healthy and fit, your mind works the same way. You have to make necessary adjustments in your lifestyle so that you could achieve peace of mind and mental wellness. Taking a holistic approach to health will definitely improve your quality of life in all aspects.

The first thing you have to do in order to achieve a happier and healthier frame of mind is to rid yourself of negative thoughts. Of course, scrutiny and allowing yourself room for improvement is a good thing, but being too hard on yourself will do more harm than good. Instead, try to think positively about yourself. Give yourself credit for doing the things that you did accomplish instead of putting yourself down for the things that you were not able to do. Turn it around and say that your learning experience helped you so that you can do better the next time.

Another practice you can do is to always be grateful. Instead of focusing on the things that you don’t have, count your blessings. Cliché as it may sound, this mindset will actually help you become more contented and less down. Lessen your screen time to a significant degree. Staying on social media and looking for things that celebrities and other people have that you don’t is only going to cause you more insecurity. As an alternative to spending hours scrolling through your feed, write one to three things you are thankful for every day. Challenge yourself not to repeat what you’ve already written before. You would be surprised to see how much you actually have.

While you’re at your gratitude list, also do your best to be in the present. Oftentimes, people create negative thoughts and scenarios in their heads because they are either stuck in the past or they are too caught up in what might happen. Learn to appreciate the moment that you are in. This way, you will be able to fully immerse yourself in experiencing what is happening right now. Your adventures will be more memorable and meaningful. It’s good to prepare yourself for the uncertainties of the future but that’s what your insurance plan is for. Live in the moment and allow yourself to really participate in your life.

Allow yourself to take breaks. Sometimes, your pride yourself on your work so much that it begins to control your life. Remember that your job is only one aspect of your life and that your mortgage isn’t the only thing you should be thinking about. While accomplishments are great in boosting your morale, you cannot keep going without taking ample rest time. Vacations are necessary. Giving your mind some time to go slow will be an opportunity for it to recharge. Just like any other computing machine, your brain needs some added electricity so that it could provide sufficient energy when you get back on track. This principle does not apply only to your work. When something comes up that significantly weighs you down, you have every right to take a step back and regroup before you confront the situation once again. Giving yourself time to think will always help you make better decisions.

Once you have gone through what is going on inside you, it is time to acknowledge the factors outside you that can help you as well. Open up. Trusting another person is a great step towards reaching emotional stability. Once you see the good things in other people, it will be easier to find the good things in yourself as well. Building good and meaningful relationships with others is a good investment for your mental health. Not only will you have a support group, but you will also experience a boost in your own self-esteem because you will be given the opportunity to help others.

Of course, it is a given that you should continue to take care of your physical health. Eat clean, exercise, and get enough sleep. If your body functions at its best, your mind will do the same. Some of these steps might not be easy to do but taking small steps will go a long way. Life is tough so arming yourself with a positive outlook and a healthy mindset will help you navigate it better.


Based on materials from Psychology Today