Overcoming Fitness Procrastination: 5 Ways To Get Yourself Motivated

Getting fit is surely a nice idea. That is until you need to get up and suit up for the gym. By then, the shimmering thought of having a summer body disappears into regret and procrastination. And it’s something a lot of us struggle with, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you feel like you’re dragging your fitness plans. It happens. What’s important is you’re thinking about it. You can always start there. Start with an idea and a plan and go from there. We already know sitting in front of our T.V. and eating junk food all day does nothing good to us, so it’s high time we give exercising some degree of effort. It’s overwhelming, we know,  but luckily, some experts and season gym-goers are now sharing their tips on overcoming that fitness dilemma a lot of us go through. Apparently, getting yourself out of bed and into the treadmill all boils down to five easy and doable steps. If you’re interested to learn how you can triumph over that fitness procrastination, then keep on reading. Oh, and don’t forget to take notes!


The first trick to staying on track is to start small. If you’re just starting out, test the waters first. Fitness experts and seasoned gym-goers suggest that it would be best to try out a couple of small exercises for a short period of time daily. This way, you can determine what works for you and what doesn’t. By doing small exercises daily, you are able to build a mentality that allows you to maintain a fit lifestyle. Habit building is key to surviving your own fitness journey, so make sure that you devote a certain amount of time to exercising every day. Build and expand on that until you’re ready to take the next step. Simply start with exercises that have a lower intensity degree like jogging, walking, and maybe some high-impact exercises. Maintain that momentum and you’d be running miles upon miles in no time.


What some people don’t realize is that getting fit is not all about sweating and moving. Sometimes, getting fit also means resting. Yes, resting and putting your body in a calmer state is part of the process. Your body can only function well if it is in mint condition. Do not try to push yourself by doing unreasonable workouts without giving yourself some much-deserved breaks. Allow yourself to catch at least 8 hours of sleep every night. If you’re someone who likes to sleep late and exercise, then we’re afraid that you’re only making the whole experience worse. Give yourself credit for trying to push yourself physically, and go catch some Zs. Getting enough sleep does not only help your body recharge, but it also allows your mind to clear out any stress and fatigue. Going to bed early may sound impossible to some, but trust us, your body and mind will thank you for it in the long run.



We already know that food plays a huge part in getting our body in tip-top shape, but exactly how important is counting our calorie intake? Well, according to experts, counting and planning the food you eat directly affects your specific goals. For example, a bodybuilder bulks up by consuming more healthy calories than most people. Counting their calorie intake also helps with planning out their workout routine, so it’s crucial that they know just how much calories there are in every food they eat. On the other hand, if you’re looking to shed some weight, then do the exact opposite of what bodybuilders do. Cut more calories from your diet and focus on doing weight-loss exercises. Take note of this tip so that the next time you swipe your credit card for a meal, you know what to look out for.



Eating healthy while keeping an active lifestyle is pretty self-explanatory, but if we must elaborate then we will. If you are truly serious about your body goals, then stay away from sugar. Seems a little extreme, but it’s the best way to keep your body healthy and fit while on a workout regimen. Load up on vegetables and fruits with small portions of meat. And if you’re still itching for something sweet, munch on some fruits like apples and pears to keep your stomach full. As for meat, keep them lean. Stock up on turkeys and chickens more than pork and beef. Seafood such as milkfish and salmon are also good sources of protein, so keep that in mind the next time you’re swiping your credit card at the grocery counter.



Now for the most important tip on this list — stay motivated. Keep track of your progress and remember to give yourself credit for it. The best way to beat the feeling of being unmotivated is to set your priorities straight. Set a well-detailed plan for your health and well-being and stay on that course. Yes, hard days will hit you, but it’s all part of the process. Feeling exhausted from a particularly hard workout can sometimes feel like defeat, but just like everything else in life, it gets better. With practice and motivation, you’ll achieve your goals. Just tell yourself that you did not come this far to only come this far. Let your sacrifices mean something. It may be hard to imagine now, but your future healthy self will definitely thank you for it.