9 Cardio-heavy Home Workouts To Get You Fit and Toned

Let’s face it, planning to work out and actually doing it are two entirely different experiences. For some people, working out is as easy as getting their morning coffee fix from the local shop. However, for some, getting their bums to the gym can be quite a drag. We don’t blame you, though. Everything around us can get pretty overwhelming sometimes, so it’s quite understandable if you choose to stay indoors and skim through the endless Netflix catalog instead of pumping some adrenaline at the gym. But if you’re really looking to start your fitness journey, you might want to start small at the comfort of you’re own home. You don’t even need to swipe your credit card for a gym membership to start getting in shape. All you need is some good internet connection, your phone or computer, and you’re good to go. You can even watch your favorite show while doing it, so really, it’s a win-win situation. Here are a couple of cardio exercises to get your body fit and pumping all while staying indoors.



Let’s start off this list with something old school and familiar to all of us — the Jumping Jacks. You might think that jumping jacks are overrated, but there’s a good reason why this exercise is present in almost every workout routine. First off, doing jumping jacks is perfect for promoting blood flow and oxygen circulation inside the body, making it one of the best ways to get your body ready for any type of intense workout routine. It’s also perfect for people looking to cut down some calories as doing jumping jacks can burn up to 100 calories every ten minutes. All you need to do is to get in a standing position, with your feet parallel to your hips and your hands stiffly positioned at the sides. Then jump up into the air, part your legs further, and bring your hands above your head. Upon descent, simply bring your hands and your feet back to the first stance, and repeat. It’s a great investment of your time and effort, so make sure to try it at home.


When it comes to easy cardio exercises, jump roping is a fan favorite. Not only is it fairly easy to do, but it also produces incredible results. You can also execute this exercise anywhere and anytime, but first, you’ll need to swipe your credit card to purchase a good pair of jump ropes. Once you have all your equipment and gear ready, start by holding the ropes on each of your hands and start rotating it forward then backward around your body. And since this is a high-impact exercise, simply practice it as much as you can. Gradually build up your speed and duration by practicing and letting your body get used to it. Once you’ve got the basics down, you can try its other variations to enhance its effects. For optimum results, do this for 10-30 seconds in between 5-10 circuits for beginners, 30-60 seconds with other high-impact exercises for cardio training, and 30-60 with strengthening exercise for maximum cardio training.


Next up, we have the burpees. It’s quite a popular exercise, but not everyone is in love with it. Its degree of difficulty is considerably higher than the first two, but its benefits are also slightly greater. One, it engages a lot more muscles in the body, and second, it allows you to shed at least 100 calories every ten minutes. That is if you can last that long while doing this exercise. To begin with this exercise, you need to get into a squat position, then use your arms to support your upper body as you shift into a high plank position. Then, push your body back up into a standing position and repeat the whole process. If you’ve already built up the endurance for burpees, then you can start adding equipment like a kettlebell, BOSU ball, or sliding discs to the exercise for some extra challenge.


From a very challenging exercise, let’s now move on to something more laidback. Compared to the first three exercises on this list, jogging in place is not as high-impact. However, it does get your heart rate up and your adrenaline pumping for more intense workouts later on. Begin the exercise by getting into an upright position then simply jog without leaving the ground you are standing on. If you wish to make the exercise more exciting, just try incorporating other exercises into the routine like butt kicks, high knees, or side lunges. If you are doing this exercise for cardio purposes, then experts suggest you do at least 30-60 seconds of jogging in place in between other cardio exercises. The ideal duration for this exercise is around 10-30 minutes, but you can definitely alter it to fit your routine better. It’s a great investment of your time and effort, so we’re hoping that you can give it a try.


If you’re looking for an exercise that engages your core and improves your cardio performance, then mountain climber is the way to go. It’s fairly easy and does not require any special skills. However, it does put a lot of pressure on your wrist, so make sure you have strong wrists or have some appropriate wrist gear. Start by getting on a high plank position with your palms and toes resting on the ground flooring. Make sure your spine is straight, then bring one knee towards your chest and back again. Do this for each side for about 30-60 seconds each. You can also combine this with some push-ups for added strength and endurance. Continue to work on this exercise, and you’ll be seeing some great results in no time!



According to experts, if you want an exercise that targets multiple areas in the body, then you should go with the bear crawl push-up exercise. It’s a great way to boost your endurance whilst building physical and cardiovascular strength. To get the most out of this exercise, start by getting in a squat position, then walk your hands until you arrive at a high plank position. Quickly do a push-up and roll back to the first position. It seems pretty easy, but experts suggest you acquaint yourself with high-intensity training before doing the bear crawl push-up exercise. Continue with the exercise until you feel comfortable incorporating other routines. Once you’ve got the exercise mastered, you can start alternating it with workout combinations with a higher degree of intensity like burpees or squat jumps.


The next exercise on this list is something that’s perfect for building up your leg strength and heart rate. Like the other exercises, squat jumps also comes with a certain degree of difficulty. But considering its benefits, we’d say it’s pretty worth it. Begin with the exercise by getting in a squat position with your hands behind your head. Then lower your bum further to the ground then jump as high as you possibly can. Go back to the squat position once you’ve gone down from the jump, and repeat the process. If you’re looking to target your lower body, incorporate this exercise between 3-5 lower body exercises for approximately 30-60 seconds. But if you’re only doing this for cardio purposes, then simply do the squat jumps for 30-60 seconds together with other exercises like jogging, step touches, and jump rope.



Kickboxing may be a highly effective exercise, but before going into this workout, do make sure that your body is prepared for its degree of intensity. According to fitness experts, kickboxing requires some knowledge and experience when it comes to kicking and boxing. As you can tell, it utilizes multiple parts of the body, so you need to be ready. Begin with the exercise by practicing your punches and your kicks with a sandbag. By doing so, you are strengthening your upper and lower body muscles. If you feel you’re ready, you can transition into practicing with another person. Be careful, though, as this exercise can cause injury to all parties involved. It can also strain your joints, so make sure that you do all the necessary warmups before your workout. The benefits, however, include stronger muscles, fewer calories in the body, and higher stamina.


Whoever said staircases were a nightmare? To an untrained body, a staircase can feel like a curse. But to someone determined to get fit, it’s free equipment. Doing cardio exercises in a long flight of stairs actually helps with cardiovascular strength, lower body endurance, and balance. Going up and down the stairs a couple of times increases your heart rate and allows your body to pump out adrenaline. This is especially helpful when you are training for marathons or activities with a high degree of difficulty. But if you are looking to train your calves and the rest of your lower body, try jumping one step up the stairs and go down normally. Repeat the process regularly and you’ll notice that your lower leg is stronger and firmer. There are several other exercises that you can do on your staircase, all you need to do is be creative.


Based on materials from Very Well Fit