5 Steps to a Healthier You

Holistic health is something that we all want to achieve. Staying physically fit is not the only way to go when making an investment in your health. There are other things we have to consider as well. Mental health is one of the aspects of our overall wellbeing that we often take for granted. Being in tiptop shape does not only mean keeping your body energized and filled with nutrients. It also means having the right mindset that will bring you balance in life.

We are aware that trying to improve your quality of life by doing all that you can to stay healthy may not be easy. Lifestyle changes are hard to incorporate into your daily habits. A different frame of mind is also difficult to establish in just a snap of a finger. While there is no need to be drastic about making a change for the better, there are small but impactful steps and reminders that you can take towards a healthier life.

Step 1: Eat clean

The simplest way to get healthy is to watch what you eat. Greens and fruit are always given credit for being rich in the vitamins and minerals that our body needs in order to stay in good physical shape. However, the right kind of food also gives you not only enough brainpower but also puts you in a good mood. Specifically, foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamins B and E are great for mental fitness. Nuts and fish are great sources of these, and a daily dose will go a long way

Step 2: Sustain the diet

Though not a lot of people realize it, your brain and your stomach are actually connected. Stressful emotions like anxiety, pressure, and loneliness as well as elated feelings like excitement and joy send signals to your belly. How else can you explain the butterflies in your stomach? Diarrhea is also a common manifestation of anxiety. In the same way, if you’re not eating the right way, your appetite and all the things you keep in your gut may trigger negative emotions to a certain degree.

Step 3: Exercise

Surely you have been told more than once that regular exercise will help your health a great deal. Toning your muscles is not necessary but will be helpful and beneficial as well. Did you know that our anatomy was created for movement? What you don’t realize, however, is that your movement may be limited. The brain releases specialized hormones to target different things in the body. Endorphins are in charge of pleasure. These trigger pressure in our body that will in turn produce more oxygen. The more O2 you have, the better your brain will be. You don’t have to bust your credit card for a gym membership. Even low impact physical activity like walking for 30 minutes daily will be enough to keep you going and to decrease the risk of health issues.

Step 4: Get enough sleep

Just like any other machine running on electricity, we can heat up and perform poorly. If machines need rest, humans need it more. Our body and our brain both need to recharge every night and it is imperative that we allow ourselves enough time to rest. Not only will sleep give you enough energy for a new day but it will also make you less grumpy. Sleep is when the brain goes through its maintenance activities. In the same way, your bodily functions also recover. Without sleep, you will feel tired and moody. You will also be more susceptible to diseases.

Step 5: Avoid stress

Of course, this last one is tricky, but if you have the first four ticked off from your to-do list, this should be a little easier to manage. Whether we like it or not, stress is everywhere. When left alone, it can lead to complications that will soon make you think about looking at your insurance policy. But, don’t fret, because there are ways to cope with it. Developing healthy ways to manage stress like meditation can increase your overall wellbeing by a lot. Being positive all the time is not that easy but detecting stressful situations and removing yourself from them will help a great deal.


Based on materials from Natalie’s Health