5 Amazing Keto Diet Recipes For Dessert Lovers

It’s hard to indulge in desserts when you’re on a low-carb diet, particularly Keto. Most of our favorite treats either have flour or something loaded with carbohydrates. Admittedly, it was a challenge to recreate dessert recipes the Keto way years ago, but now, we have ready access to the ingredients. Preparing your food, especially if you’re on a special diet, is still the best way to do it. Plus, you get to know what goes into your food, making sure that it’s keto-friendly. Many bloggers have figured out the science and all we have to do is give these recipes a try. So if you have a sweet tooth, try these five amazing keto diet recipes that are easy to make and guilt-free!

First things, first. Let’s make investments in keto-friendly alternatives for these sweet treats. Let’s talk about the base of most desserts – flour.


An easy alternative to all-purpose or baking four is almond flour. As the name suggests, it is ground almonds and is the base for many keto desserts. Although it’s quite expensive, you can purchase it at wholesale stores to get a better price. Almost all grocery stores have almond flour; if not, there are online stores that sell them. If you want to make it from scratch, that’s possible! Check out this link to learn how.


If you don’t like nuts for some reason, you’ll have to forego almond flour. You can swap this with sunflower seed flour. It measures similar to almond flour and is a great alternative to baking flour. You can easily change almond flour with sunflower seed one.


The second most popular flour is coconut flour. You don’t need to worry about exceeding your credit card as it is cheaper than almond flour. You can also use this one if you want your treats nut-free. Essentially, it’s dehydrated coconut flesh that has been ground. This is an excellent way of using up the leftovers after getting the coconut milk. You have to be careful in handling coconut flour as it is temperamental and so absorbent. There are specific recipes that call for it.


Another issue with Keto-friendly deserts is how to sweeten it since you’ll have to pass on the sugar. Fortunately, many sugar alternatives have entered the market, and you’ll have the right brand that works for you. These sugar alternatives are a combination of erythritol and stevia. Most brands have a 1:1 ratio of sugar. You’ll have to be careful with stevia, though, because it is much sweeter.


For your liquids, you have a whole lot of alternatives like cream cheese, greek yogurt, butter, and heavy cream. You don’t need to worry much about liquid components because there’s a whole lot to choose from. While greek yogurt is not pure Keto, it has fewer calories than sour cream, and it just magically makes things so fluffy! Since these are readily available in any grocery store, you don’t need to worry about charging a hefty amount on your credit card.

Given all this information, make sure to try out these five amazing keto-friendly desserts.

Be inspired to create your keto-friendly cheesecake fromJennifer Banz. Now, you don’t have to feel guilty when eating this. Even the non-keto dieters would love this recipe!

Want to whip up something comfortable and indulgent? Try these keto brown butter pralines with pecans and cream. This is an ultimate holiday dessert that won’t break your credit card. Low on carb and just a few minutes to cook!

Let’s not forget to include in the list a keto-friendly version of chocolate cake completed with whipped cream icing. The name itself is already decadent and mouthwatering! Plus, you only need one bowl to mix things up. It turns out to have the perfect cake texture, and the whipped cream completes everything. You’ll satisfy your chocolate cake cravings with this recipe!

If you think that the keto chocolate cake is hard to put together, then have an easy keto mug cake! It’s quick, it’s satisfying, and needs a few ingredients. This is best for midnight cravings!

Of course, we have to include a keto chocolate chip cookie recipe on the list! Everybody loves chocolate chip cookies, and we can now eat them guilt-free! In no time, you’ll have many chocolate chip cookies in your hand. Each of these cookies has only two net carbs. Of course, moderation is still essential, but it’s better to eat the healthier version, right?

While we do our best to eat healthily, it is still important to secure health insurance to be prepared regardless of your condition. Make sure to eat healthy so you can lead a happy and long life!